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Vanity Pages

Post by RichLB »

It has occurred to me how little I know about other users here (or how little they know about me). I'd love to read a little expanded biography of others' memorable eras in their lives. As a benchmark birthday approaches I started chronicling periods and accomplishments in my life that have shaped who I am. It's a fun exercise and brings up all sorts of nostalgic memories. I'd love to read similar inputs from others. I'll refrain from posting my list in fear it'll appear too self indulgent unless there's interest from others in sharing.

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Re: Vanity Pages

Post by Up2u »

Perhaps a Facebook link?

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Re: Vanity Pages

Post by bkkguy »

so not only should we not want to "appear too self indulgent", but we also should be using facebook?

like the TAT attempts to revive foreign tourism in Thailand, this is an interesting idea, but the conditions are getting a bit too difficult
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