Thepprasit Night Market Raid

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Re: Thepprasit Night Market Raid

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SP55 wrote:If you think Russians see any similarity with you, you don't know anything about Russians:p
I also don't give a damn. The man asked about these markets, not who shops in them. Let's stick to that, please. This topic is not about who does and does not like Russians.

I'll give you my usual response when posts are going off topic - if you want to talk about the Russians, start a new topic. Then I'll be happy to have you educate me about the Russians all you want . . .

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Re: Thepprasit Night Market Raid

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Gaybutton wrote: The media never says what the police do with the confiscated products. I never hear anything about any of it being destroyed. My guess is after certain personnel take what they want, the vendors might very well buy it all back and it's business as usual.
I believe that used to be the practice when goods -- clothes -- doughnuts etc. were confiscated on Dongtan beach.
They would be purchased back later at Pattaya police station.

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Re: Thepprasit Night Market Raid

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The trade war between the U.S. and China may be resulting in an increase in fake (pirated) Chinese crap flooding other Thailand.

I'm surprised there hasn't been a raid on !

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