Cathay Pacific's Gay Ad

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Cathay Pacific's Gay Ad

Post by fountainhall » Sun May 12, 2019 1:15 pm

Last Thursday Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific got rid of its old advertising slogan. As part of its new marketing and rebranding exercise, its slogan will in future be "Move Beyond". Many in the media and other commentators have been somewhat confused as to what this might actually mean. Move beyond what?

At the packed Media Conference announcing the change, one of the new ads attracted most of the attention - a photo of two men holding hands with the slogan "Move Beyond Labels". Clearly intended for the gay community, this is perhaps hardly a surprise considering Cathay was one of the sponsors of the Hong Kong team which bid for the Gay Games which will be held in the city in 2022.


Not everyone thinks this is a good idea, though.
the ad also drew the attention of the Family School SODO Concern Group, one of Hong Kong’s most vocal anti-gay bodies. It said in a Facebook post that it was disappointed in the airline and would stop using its services.

Hong Kong’s LGBTQ community is looking to advance equal rights in court this year, with multiple pending cases involving spousal rights and benefits.
If that means aircraft will no longer be filled with kids, then I am all for it! But whilst I am equally in favour of an airline promoting gay rights and marketing itself as gay friendly, I wonder how many in the LGBT community will actually fly an airline whose prices are usually a bit higher than others. On the other hand, perhaps it is geared more to the front of the planes where many gay men will be travelling paid for by their companies.

Hopefully CX will start recruiting more young guys as flight attendants. 20 years ago you could almost be guaranteed some excellent eye candy on their flights. Although I take the airline much less frequently now, I usually only see a couple of older male attendants - rarely cute ones! ... ns-praise/


Re: Cathay Pacific's Gay Ad

Post by fountainhall » Mon May 20, 2019 12:16 pm

The pettiness of two of Hong Kong's largest companies has been illustrated by their banning Cathay Pacific's new "gay" ad. Ironically both are in the business of transportation.

The Hong Kong Airport Authority has replaced the ad at Hong Kong's international airport. It claimed
it had established guidelines but did not specify what they were.
The Mass Transit Railway Corporation, one of the most profitable in the world, has also banned the ad. Advertisements in their stations are handled by an outside contractor. Pathetically it stated the following .
. . . adverts would not be accepted if visual content was “immoral; or which offend the generally accepted standards of public decency or the social or cultural standards of the society”.

The MTR clause went on to say content “which … in any way caus[ed] discomfort, fear, distress, embarrassment or distaste to the public” would be rejected.

Another clause said adverts could be blocked if they “in any way … incite social controversy, whether arising immediately or occurring anytime afterwards”.
Immoral? Offend Public Decency? Cause fear, distress, distaste . . ." How utterly ridiculous!

Controversial advertising is usually submitted first to Hong Kong's Office for the Communications Authority. The Airport Authority did not do this. Yet -
The Office for the Communications Authority said there were no restrictions on LGBT advertising.
Hong Kong's first openly gay legislator has called on each company to provide a detailed explanation. He is clearly not going to let the matter stand. ... anned-hong


Re: Cathay Pacific's Gay Ad

Post by fountainhall » Wed May 22, 2019 10:10 am

After the two major Hong Kong corporations banned Cathay Pacific's gay themed ad, there was such a public outcry that both corporations have now withdrawn their objections and will display the ad!
The reversals came in the face of heated criticism of the ban, and less than 24 hours after the Post revealed that both the railway giant and Hong Kong International Airport had banned the advert because of its same-sex content . . . {both} buckled under public criticism by overturning the decision. ... ticism-and

The government has for decades under both British and Chinese administration been very sensitive about the feelings of Hong Kong's largely Chinese population towards homosexuality. And over the same period it has totally misread the feelings of that population. Perhaps the powers-that-be will finally realise that far more are in favour of an inclusive society than a homophobic one.

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Re: Cathay Pacific's Gay Ad

Post by Gaybutton » Wed May 22, 2019 10:15 am

fountainhall wrote:
Wed May 22, 2019 10:10 am
After the two major Hong Kong corporations banned Cathay Pacific's gay themed ad, there was such a public outcry that both corporations have now withdrawn their objections and will display the ad!
Definitely a step in the right direction. Why do I think if a similar ad appeared in the USA, the outcry there would have been a little different . . . ?

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