Banks to start closing earlier

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Banks to start closing earlier

Post by Gaybutton »

I think the wording in the article is a bit confusing. To clarify, bank branches will start closing at 3:30pm. Mini-branches, such as the ones in shopping centers, will start closing at 5:00pm.

ATMs and online banking will continue to operate normally.


National banks nationwide to close earlier, at 3:30 PM. and at 5:00 PM, to “help reduce Covid-19 spread” in recent outbreak

By Nop Meechukhun

15 April 2021

All national banks will be closing earlier at 3:30 P.M. and at 5:00 P.M. for banks in department stores across the country, effective tomorrow, April 16th, Thailand’s State Financial Institutions Association announced today.

The new closing hours are implemented by the State Financial Institutions Association and its members in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health and related government agencies to potentially reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus in the current outbreak.

According to the announcement, national banks may consider closing some of their branches temporarily, particularly in the high-risk areas as announced by the provincial government. ATMs and electronic channels will still be at service for all customers. They can update the list of closed branches on particular bank websites.

The adjustment of the closing time of bank branches nationwide will be starting from April 16. Branches in department stores or branches that open for service for seven days will be closed at 5:00 PM. while other branches will be at 3:30 PM.

Each branch must limit service channels and the number of customers in the branch in line with social distancing measures. If any branch is reported with an infected employee and/or customer, the branch must be closed for immediate cleaning and have all of their employees in close contact with the patient tested for infection and perform self-quarantine.

Such measures are crucial for the safety of both employees and customers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The State Financial Institutions Association said that the banks will resume their normal services as soon as the pandemic situation resolves. ... -outbreak/

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Re: Banks to start closing earlier

Post by Jun »

Gaybutton wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:52 pm
National banks nationwide to close earlier, at 3:30 PM. and at 5:00 PM, to “help reduce Covid-19 spread” in recent outbreak
How does that reduce covid-19 spread ?

I'd assume people who can conduct their business online would already do so, since it's much faster than the in branch service. Therefore, those using branches have to do so. So the way to reduce covid spread would be to EXTEND opening hours, so people can visit a bank at a quiet time.

While we are at it, would immigration be moving most of their silly processes online, so people don't need to visit their crowded premises for pointless activities ?
Oddly enough, the most crowded and least socially distance facilities I've used in 2021 were:
1 Jomtien Immigration
2 Bangkok Airport Rail Link, where the stupid twits keep the front carriage on the train empty, so crowding passengers into reduced space on the rest of the train.
3 Heathrow Airport immigration. Long queues for document checking activities which could mostly be done electronically. Besides, they must have hundreds of staff sat at home doing nothing as most of the airport is closed.

So all 3 worst offenders are government controlled organizations.
At least the banking cartel is not quite that bad.

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Re: Banks to start closing earlier

Post by Daleinpattaya »

Thanks goodness .... closed another hot zone!! Next comes an increase in thoughts and prayers!!

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