Canceled Food Panda Order

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Canceled Food Panda Order

Post by richsilver »

Last night I ordered a bucket of fried chicken from Hooters via Food Panda. Hooters claims this is one of their signature dishes and I wanted to try it.

When you order from Food Panda, they give you a play-by-play tracking screen with updates every minute and an estimate of the time your food will arrive. My initial estimate was about 30 minutes and the tracker said, "The restaurant has received your order". As the clock counted down to around 15 minutes, the tracker was updated to say, "The restaurant if preparing your order". The clock continued to count down to about 11 minutes at which time I started to prepare for the meal.

Then, abruptly, then tracker completely changed and said, "Your order has been canceled". This notice went up 32 minutes after I had placed my order. I contacted customer service and they were very polite, but could provide no explanation as to why my order was canceled after 32 minutes.

Needless to say, I was quite angry. My complaint to customer service yielded only an apology, but no explanation of where the service went wrong, so I am sharing my experience with the group, I guess, to simply vent my frustration...

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Re: Canceled Food Panda Order

Post by Gaybutton »

I think both Food Panda and Hooters owes you an explanation, along with their apology. They should also offer at least something in compensation, such as a free side or dessert with your next order.

Of course, in Thailand an offer of compensation is virtually unheard of and rarely even enters into the thinking.

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Re: Canceled Food Panda Order

Post by deanagam »

I guess the chicken simply flew away.

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Re: Canceled Food Panda Order

Post by Jun »

If they can't explain, apologise and offer some suitable discount on a future order, the correct approach is to tell 20 people and never order off them again (both businesses).

Thankfully you have plenty of choice for dining. I really hate it when service falls short and there isn't a good alternative, so I still have to go back.

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Re: Canceled Food Panda Order

Post by pong »

So I think those first 2 notices are simply fixed things they send to anyone who ordered and only the restrt itself finally decides that they lack staff, have enough orders already inhouse or the chickens are gone and may even have noted that right away.
On the side: amazing of how many of those motocy guys with green GRABfood or FoodPANDA or the like one sees recently racing along in narrow sois. Confirms my personal belief that going yourself to any khai yang vendor-invariably there is one just round the corner is the better option.

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