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Restaurant Favorites Throughout Thailand
-And favorite recipes and recipe requests-
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Try not to judge me but I like it! It used to be on all the shelf's of all the food markets in Thailand but recently It's a hard item to find. I recently bought two tin cans of this "gourmet" meat from 249B per tin. It has Korean writing on one side and English on the other. Made in Korea. Perhaps I can find it at a Korean market in Bangkok like those in Korean Town on Sukhumvit. ... s-koreaYes, Yes,

Yes, Yes, I know too much fat and too much salt.
There's no bad food, just the wrong quantity or frequency of consumption.

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Trongpai wrote:
Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:47 pm
There's no bad food
No? Try eating my cooking and then tell me that.

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