Circumcision: One Man's Sad Tale

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Circumcision: One Man's Sad Tale

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This is sometimes a difficult subject. I bring it up because there is a perceptive video on the BBC website today focussing on a young man who has been in almost constant discomfort all his life since his parents had him undergo a radical circumcision as a baby. Even walking is uncomfortable for him. When it comes to intimacy he has almost no feeling.

Those reading this forum are most likely in the older generation and probably have no issue with radical or botched circumcisions, whether as a baby or with consent as teenagers or older. In our day, it was a much more common procedure in the west for new born babies than it is today. Doctors told parents that circumcision was healthier. Some even claimed that it would help prevent masturbation - seriously! Worldwide about 38% of men are circumcised, a big percentage of these being for religious reasons. In the UK it is just 8.5% but in the USA nearly 80%. A study showed that US influence in South Korea resulted in 86% of males being circumcised in 2002. There has since been a steep decline with only 25% undergoing the procedure between 2002 and 2012. Most young males in The Philippines are circumcised as a rite of passage, many undertaken by village doctors who take little care with the boys ending up with an appendage which many consider ugly. This appears less a result of its time as a US colony and more a deep-rooted cultural tradition.

Much of the debate about circumcision today centres on female genital circumcision and it is now generally agreed around the world that this pracice is damaging to the girl and must stop. Yet there is also considerable debate about the rights of a new born male child and whether parents themselves should have the right to excise albeit a small part of his anatomy until the child is old enough to understand the procedure and gives his consent. Occasionally, as in cases of phimosis, circumcision is recommended as the only solution, although some claim there are other methods available for many men.

From time to time I look at the Singapore-based gay chat forum Blowing Wind. This has a very large readership and membership, the majority of whom are under 30. It surprised me that circumcision is one of the most active threads is on this very subject. With most of the posters being Chinese and Chinese tradition being against circumcision it is surprising - at least to me - that some young men in their late teens and 20s have elected to be circumcised and are happy with the results. But I for one question the rights of parents to make such a decision on behalf of a child. Do take a look at the video. ... stant-pain

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Re: Circumcision: One Man's Sad Tale

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Being a confirmned cockologist the most hiddeous I have seen were in the Philipines having said that I met 2 boys from southern Thailand who were cut and had beautiful cocks!
Years back I met one boy in Sunee who had the most foreskin I'de ever seen I remarked that Osama could hide here!
"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

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