Caravan Crisis

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Re: Caravan Crisis

Post by fountainhall » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:07 pm

Pattayamale wrote:As inconvenient as it is in Thailand to do the 90 day reporting, present a passport at a hotel to check in (as it is in Europe), get a resident letter to buy a car; these are effective tools and controls. Thai citizens have a national ID card. They use that. The USA argument that a National Id card is a bad thing or a privacy issue in today’s use of technology is stupid.
Could not agree more. Here I have to carry my passport - even though I usually carry a laminated copy of the relevant information and visa pages instead. In Hong Kong I must always carry my permanent resident ID card. Neither is an inconvenience. In fact, in Hong Kong it has benefits as i can use it for banking, various other services and extremely fast immigration procedures at the airport - faster than any other international airport in my long experience of travelling. Like the US, Britain opted against ID cards because of some idiotic privacy issue.

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Re: Caravan Crisis

Post by Jun » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:50 am

Pattayamale wrote:The USA has a population of about 350,000,000 people. If even 1500 make it through the process, or sneak in, that number as a percentage of the population is very, very small. .0000004285714. In fact there are more people leaving the USA (as expats).
If 1500 make it to the US & get to settle, then word will get around & you will suddenly get hundreds of thousands moving each month.

One of the main reasons so many are moving to Europe from north Africa & the middle east is because they know others have been allowed in, which is why we ended up with about a million per year moving, or whatever the figure was.
If there was slightly more policing to prevent the first few, then you don't have to deal with the larger numbers that follow.

Then, when you get so many of them & there are a few behavioural issues due to completely different cultures, some of the natives don't like it.

Then parties like the AFD start getting seats in parliament because the centre parties haven't done anything. That you would not dream of voting for the AFD doesn't matter, when others do vote for them.

So in analyzing the situation, we need to consider at least :
1 If the first batch are let in, how many more follow ?
2 Will they integrate ?
3 What will the consequences be ? Not all voters will have the same liberal mindset as yourself.

I suspect this would work out better than the European example.

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Re: Caravan Crisis

Post by Up2u » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:48 am

They are fleeing with their families from drug cartels, gang violence, corrupt police and governments which are supported by the U. S. In short, they are seeking asylum and should be processed like others who do the same.

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