Canada senate revokes Suu Kyi's honorary citizenship

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Re: Canada senate revokes Suu Kyi's honorary citizenship

Post by Gaybutton » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:10 pm

fountainhall wrote:But what can the UN or the world do to stop it?
I don't it's a question of what can the UN do, but more a question of what will the UN do? Most of the time if they do anything at all, it is sanctions. It is certainly rare for the UN to send in military force, but in this case it is my opinion that is exactly what they ought to do instead of sitting back and letting this happen.

Thousands of people being uprooted and forced from their homes, being tortured, being murdered - totally innocent, defenseless people who have never caused any harm to anybody - and for what? Only because other people don't like their religion and/or ethnicity. And what is even worse is the same kind of thing is going on in other parts of the world too.

Another quote from 'QB VII' that I think is appropriate - a reference to The Holocaust:

"The world was collectively sick in those years - and still is."
- Edith Evans (Dr. Parmentier), 'QB VII'

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Re: Canada senate revokes Suu Kyi's honorary citizenship

Post by fountainhall » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:40 pm

Isn't the problem that the UN can do precisely nothing? Any form of action requires the agreement of the Security Council. The UN Human Rights Panel has already produced a 400 page report in August detailing the extent of the atrocities. That
recommended that top military officials in Myanmar be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and genocide. But [a later] document goes even further, documenting specific crimes and pinning blame for the atrocities on the highest levels of Myanmar’s military.

“The nature, scale and organization of the operations suggests a level of preplanning and design on the part of the Tatmadaw leadership consistent with the vision of the Commander-in-Chief, Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing,” the report said.
One action suggested is that the top leadership in Myanmar is hauled before the International Criminal Court. But the US does not recognise the ICC and has basically called for its abolition.
National Security Adviser John Bolton called it “illegitimate.” That would seem to offer cover for Myanmar and for those accused of committing such atrocities. ... war-crimes

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