US Election Campaigns and Reactions

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US Election Campaigns and Reactions

Post by RichLB »

I'd enjoy reading other users reactions to the Biden and Trump campaigns. Frankly, I don't understand how/why Trump is holding on to his base. What rationale are they using to justify their continued support? I've tried watching the Republican Convention, but I end up fluctuating between anger and nausea after just a few minutes and just switch it off. So, what do you guys think of what's going on?

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Re: US Election Campaigns and Reactions

Post by Gaybutton »

RichLB wrote:
Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:49 pm
what do you guys think of what's going on?
I think I've made my opinion of Trump quite clear. I cannot understand why anyone would want Trump to continue to be President, but many do.

The best I can offer is the whole thing is Number 1 on my "I Don't Get It" list.

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Re: US Election Campaigns and Reactions

Post by Trongpai »

One or more of the following. Not in any order.

1.)The Trump supporter that is an open white nationalist/racist. He thinks that minorities want his job or will harm him in some way. Some just harbor pure hate. Fine people says Trump. Make America White Again!

2.)The white Trump supporter that is silently harboring resentment or a fear of minorities. He is not as open and vocal as number one but in the confines of a secured ballot votes Trump. Build the wall!

3.)The disaffected white male. He is not happy with his lot in life and blames the government for not being happy or richer. Why does the other guy over there have a better life then me? A big factor in 2016 but for 2020? Eight years of Obama and I am not any better off so lets change things up and vote Trump. Some progressive felt that Obama let them down so sat out 2016.

4.)The Trump supporter who just mindlessly supports the Republican party because he has always. Being a Republican becomes a religion. You can't shake the faith of the devoted supporter.

5.)The Trump supporter that has his political fortunes, income or future vested in the Republican party and has to show support:Lindsey Graham

6.)The Trump supporter who thinks that Trump will support their conservative religious views. Even though he is immoral/criminal they hold their noses and vote for him. The anti abortion and anti LGBTQ supporters.

7.)The Trump supporter that has bought into the narrative that the Democrats will take away your guns, make you pay more taxes, take away all sorts of things, the list goes on and on.

8.) Uneducated voters. People that do not have the intellectual capacity to reason and buy into all sorts of wacko conspiracy theories. The anti science people.

9.) The ultra-rich and those who aspire to be wealthy. The upper 1% or less.

10.) Those who believe that Trump and the Republicans are best for their personal financial interests.

I just don't engage any Trump supporter. I also can't watch the Republican convention anymore than I can watch Fox News with the exception of Chris Wallace.

The election will come down to the 6, so so swing states and the electoral collage. VOTE!

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Re: US Election Campaigns and Reactions

Post by Up2u »

Trying to maintain some sense of objectivity and fairness I watched Trump's acceptance speech. Nearly lost my breakfast. Here's a nice fact check as Trump tried to rewrite history.

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