Post from Thailand to USA and how to VOTE

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Post from Thailand to USA and how to VOTE

Post by Trongpai »

I just came back from my local post office here in Bangkok and wanted to mail my request for a mail-in ballot. I was told that due to Covid19 and limited flights to USA regular air mail was not accepted. I had to send it EMS registered and that cost me 800B.

Then I got this from Democrats Aboard:

our state (TX) is one of 23 or so that require voters abroad to return a hard copy ballot, but there is no airmail service between Thailand and the USA. EMS will take 20 days to arrive!
You have 2 options, one fast/expensive, and one slow/free:

1) Fast but expensive. EMS is available at Thai post offices, but the cost is almost 1,000 Baht. DHL and such will run higher.

2) Free but slow. The embassy and consulate will take your ballot to the US and will put it in a mailbox. This is a free service, but they say allow 2-4 weeks. You can either take your ballot to the embassy or consulate, or you can send your ballot to the embassy or consulate via Thai postal mail. Note that what you take or send must be US Postal Service ready -- this is not a big challenge; follow the instructions here: ... ostal_mail

That link also includes the instructions on sending your ballot to the embassy or consulate via Thai postal mail.

You are surely aware that the Trump administration has been implementing "operational changes" at the postal service which have slowed down mail delivery. This delay is on top of the 2-4 weeks that the embassy/consulate r
I guess if they send me the ballot 4 weeks before the election then the US Embassy method might work. Anyone ever try this? They generally send the ballot less then a week before the election. The US Embassy is not letting anyone inside too. Will that cause a problem.

FedEx is another option and will run you around 1000B. Three days is generally the turn around. The ballots come in a special envelope and I wonder if FedEx will get to the person counting votes?

Another problem: "Whether you drop off or send via Thai postal mail, please ensure that your ballot is sealed, addressed, and has a US postage stamp [or a US postage paid rectangle in the stamp location]."

I don't have US postal stamps. Many years ago JUSMAT in Bangkok, Sathorn 1, had a US post office inside the complex. The post office was for embassy and active duty personal but they did not ask any questions last time I was there. You leave your US passport at the gate and enter the complex and take a left. The post office is easily seen. Somehow I expect they like everything are more stringent now?

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