US Census

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US Census

Post by RichLB »

No wonder expats are ignored by DC politicos. I tried to respond to the census today. First try resulted in the website refusing to allow me to access the form due to a "potential security risk" since I am out of the country. Next try was was to attempt to comply by phone. When asked were I resided on April 1, 2020 I told the poor befuddled girl "Thailand". That threw her for a loop. After a consultation with her supervisor she returned to the phone and told me I couldn't do the census. According to her, expats living outside the US are not counted. That means the government has no idea how many of us there are and consequently our needs are not important to them.

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Re: US Census

Post by Gaybutton »

Why am I not surprised?

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Re: US Census

Post by Bob »

Nobody is trying to ignore you, Rich, but would agree that expats are pretty much excluded from the census counting. And it's by design as they are trying to determine how many people are actually residing in the US as of a given point in time. You, GB, I, and many others weren't.

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