American Coronavirus Deaths Vs. War Deaths

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American Coronavirus Deaths Vs. War Deaths

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Re: American Coronavirus Deaths Vs. War Deaths

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Whilst not wanting to offend anyone:

1 Many of the war deaths were people of around 20 years old, who were conscripted & sometimes faced with dubious military strategies.
Many of the Covid deaths are people who are both rather old AND have existing health problems. So the number of years life lost from Covid would be much less.

2 In many (but not all cases), high risk people have the opportunity to manage their own risk of catching the disease, by strictly observing the recommended measures. ie There is often an element of choice.
That's different to being conscripted and taking orders.

3 Also, obesity is another factor affecting Covid death rates. There's an element of choice in that as well. Even in normal circumstances, obesity reduces life expectations via heart problems, diabetes etc, yet people still choose to eat excessive quantities of crap food.

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