Has This Ever Happened to You?

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Has This Ever Happened to You?

Post by fountainhall »

I am not often lost for words - as readers of this forum know well. Years ago I registered on the Silver Daddies site. I don't think I have ever met anyone from there but have never bothered cancelling my registration. My profile clearly states my preference for younger Asians within a specific age range. This evening my email informed me there was a new message. I checked the site and this is what i discovered -


I am used to guys on the apps getting in touch even though they are a few years above my preferred age range. But to have some western guy who states he is married but seeks more zest in his sex life and is older than me send a message hoping to find someone "older", I wonder what fantasy land he lives in. Than again, perhaps he just lost his reading glasses!

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Re: Has This Ever Happened to You?

Post by Jun »

My profiles tend to say I'm looking for a certain age range, slim, not very hairy and no tattoos.

Sometimes there is virtually a full house of non-compliances - guys about 120kg, more hair than a gorilla, tattoos & about 20 years outside the specified age range.
Also, the profile says no c*** pics, but I get people asking for them, or attempting to start a conversation by sending one.
Also I get contact from people in Africa or North America, which is of course OK if they have some imminent plan to visit wherever I happen to be at the time (UK, Asia etc). However, most don't.

Frequent use of the block and delete features on most apps is my response to this.

Slightly more tiresome are the people who initially appear well matched. Then after a long conversation, comes the question:
Q: How big is your c*** ? Can I see a pic ?
A: Large. I NEVER send c*** pics.

Thankfully this isn't much of a problem when in Asia. The ratio of successful meets is way higher.

Then there are the total time wasters. Someone who supposedly ticks all the boxes & after quite a conversation, wants to meet at their place & they have given me the full address. They're about 35 miles away (in the UK), so I do have an interest in not wasting a 70 mile round trip.
When I ask "Do you live alone ?", they answer "Yes it's just me in the apartment".
However, I've already seen it's a detached house on google street view & doesn't look like there has been an apartment conversion.
So I then ask "Could you send me a picture of the apartment to help me find it please ?" That's the end of the conversation. They don't reply to any further questions.

You have reminded me to have a look at Silver Daddies again. The location search facility isn't good and I suspect there are a lot of fake profiles, but I shall still browse to see if there is anything of interesting amongst all this.

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