Russian troop movements revealed by Grindr

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Russian troop movements revealed by Grindr

Post by 2lz2p »

A friend sent me a Twitter posting:

BREAKING: Putin, who once claimed Russia has no gays, is furious to find out that the Ukrainian military is tracking Russian troop movements by monitoring Grindr.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail article on the subject, but it doesn't mention it is being done by the Ukrainian military; rather it is the British Intelligence services doing the tracking:

The source added that the amount – and the quality – of the intelligence shared with the Ukrainians was highly unusual. ... diers.html

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Re: Russian troop movements revealed by Grindr

Post by thewayhelooks »

The Daily Mail, one of the world's great newspapers. Sorely lacking in any skerrick of intelligence, British or otherwise.

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Re: Russian troop movements revealed by Grindr

Post by Jun »

If there is any truth to this, the source ought to be tracked down, prosecuted and put in jail. People who work in the intelligence services are not supposed to disclose sources of information.

I set my GPS location to one of the occupied parts of Ukraine. Grindr doesn't show a distance for any of the people nearby. To actually learn anything, I guess I'd need to create an attractive profile and start a dialogue with as many people as possible, in Russian. Obviously that should not be beyond our intelligence services.

Hornet has very few users there & mostly Ukrainian.

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Re: Russian troop movements revealed by Grindr

Post by Gaybutton »

I'm sorry, folks, but this topic is closed. Perhaps it's my fault, I should have made it more clear - the only posts I will permit on this board, regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, are posts concerning how the conflict affects Thailand. There are plenty of places to post your take on the conflict other than this board.

I'm only locking this topic. However, any further posts that have nothing to do with how the conflict affects Thailand will be deleted.