Let's Update BoysTown

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Let's Update BoysTown

Post by Trongpai » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:11 pm

I just completed a quick visit two nights to Pattaya and did an inspection of BoysTown and the vicinity and here are my findings.

Toy Boys: Quick look at 10pm 2.10.2018 and it was completely full of customers. Of course 30 min later it could be deserted. Lots of boys on the cute side.

Cafe Royale: The sign works but construction seems stalled.

Boys Boys Boys: Full both nights I was there and caught the show, pretty much the same. Lots of boys, manly and dressed.

Castro: Full most nights for the show. Good mixed drinks.

Panorama: Few customers.

Prism: remains closed

Cupidol: Few boys, twinks. I was told they were low on boys but it was just temporary.

moving over to the next soi

Kawai Boys: reopened, twinks. Not a lot.

The former 360 has renamed and was open. I caught the show at 10:30. Sex, drum and big cocks then ladyboy lip sync. Three of the boys were from Boys Boys Boys.
Not many boys on stage, I was told they are working on it. Very Manly.

Dream Boys: Has a new show at 10:30, sex and some bad dancing and lady boy lip sync. Fair amount of Northern boys, manly.

X-Boys: Continues with three show that can be fun, sort of....

Now I turn this over to the real experts and Pattaya residents for corrections and additions as I don't live in Pattaya, but thought there should be some updated information on Boystown.

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Re: Let's Update BoysTown

Post by stkyricesf » Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:13 am

Thanks for the update. I'll be there next month, hopefully will stay as you say. Last time I was there was pretty empty.

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