Chiang Mai report 2018

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Re: Chiang Mai report 2018

Post by a447 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:12 pm

Yes, I've been there once before. I went down a soi last night on my way to Circle Pub as that's where I remembered New My Way being situated. But everything was in darkness, so either I got the soi wrong or they have closed down.

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Re: Chiang Mai report 2018

Post by loke » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:37 pm

Last time I visited CM I had a boring experience , maybe time to revisit.

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Re: Chiang Mai report 2018

Post by a447 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:57 pm

I put the previous day's bad experience behind me - it was a new day and things had to get better.

I got to Classic House just before 5, going that my masseur, Cha, would be waiting for me, although I expected the worse. The power was out in some parts of the building and the reception area was in darkness. I saw a guy lurking near me.

"Sorry. Not today. I'm looking for Cha. Maybe tomorrow.."

"I'm Cha."


The light and, more importantly, the fan, was not working. He solved the problem of the light by opening the curtains but the room was stifling. Just as I was about to suggest we wait, the power came back on again and we got down to business.

What I particulate like about this guy is that he doesn't rush things. After we've finished he starts the massage again - we go well over the hour. And he places himself strategically so I can play with his cock some more. I love the feel of a flaccid cock!

As I made my way to Thapae Gate I noticed there was some Buddhist ceremony about to start. I hadn't eaten all day and was starving. But I decided I'd enjoy a feast for the eyes instead. Food could wait.

The drummer boys and marchers were wearing what appeared to be very short, tight shorts, exposing a lot of flesh. Were they really shorts? I needed to get up very close, as you do.

They turned out to be some kind of loincloth, stretched tight across the arse. One boys caught me ogling a guy's butt and gave me a huge smile and then turned around so I could admire his. Lol

Don't you just love Thailand? In any other country you'd probably get your head kicked in.

At the suggestion of a forum member I went to Orion bar. He promised he'd call in some guys for a game of pool and that he'd introduce them to me, which he did. Every guy was attractive and, being freelancers, we're offable. Two guys were stunning and I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

I sat with a staff member who I'd sat with briefly on my last visit a few years ago. He was delighted that I had remembered his name and that he was from Laos. We sat and chatted at the bar and I bought him a few drinks. He's a really lovely guy.

But I had to go back to the hotel to get some more money and was then planning to go to Circle Pub to look for the cutie from the previous night. But I first decided to do into Adams and take a quick look.

What a difference a night makes! The place was jumping and they had a lot of customers. As opposed to the other night, some of the boys were actually sitting with them.

Mr Cutie spotted me, came rushing over and put his arms around me. OMG, he's just adorable! Always happy, always smiling and always very affectionate. And like all the other guys I've met there he never asks for a drink or an off.

So, what will I do? Had over to Circle Pub, or take Win? Decisions, decisions.

What if I took him and discovered he had a4 inch cock? He'd be a bit useless. Then again, who knows? Maybe the guy at Circle Pub is also less endowered. Either way, I'm taking a chance.

So I offed him.

At the end of the day, it's be quite happy just lying together naked in bed enjoying his affection.

On the way to the hotel we dropped into the grubby little shop next to the hotel and got some beer and some snacks. We sat on the bed drinking and chatting for quite some time and then went out onto the balcony, where he saw the pool below. He suggested we go for a swim - a skinny dip, as there was noone around at that time - but unfortunately, a staff member re-arranging the sunbeds told us the pool was closed and promptly turned off the lights.

So we went back inside and he suggested we shower - together!

Sure. No probrem.

He went in and I followed a minute later. The moment of truth had arrived.

I opened the shower door and there he was, cock pointing towards the ceiling. And I need not have worried - he wasn't particularly small at all! A perfectly respectable size.

He got very affectionate in the shower, rubbing our cocks together while kissing and hugging me.

I didn't see him take any condoms from the bar so I figured we would just chuck-wow, but he opened his little bag and out came two condoms and some KY.

After a lot of foreplay he put on a condom and the main event began. OMG! What a performer! He is a real tiger in bed! First this way, now sideways, then doggy, back to missionary. And he was showering me with kisses on the lips. His finish was quite spectacular.

After we'd finished he didn't rush off -we lay in bed chatting again.

I had the best time!

I'll be offing him again tonight.

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Re: Chiang Mai report 2018

Post by a447 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:17 pm

I got to Classic House right on time and there was Cha, dutifully waiting for me. I cut the massage short as I was anxious for the fun to begin. Mind you, he gives an excellent massage.

We were in the final stage -the chuck-wow. Suddenly, he asked if he could fuck me again! What??

I declined the invitation, one that I'd normally take up. But I was a bit sore after the pounding he gave me ; he has one of those Issan cocks, (although he probably has never been anywhere near Issan. Maybe it's a north Thailand thing.) Besides, I was really enjoying working on him, even though my arm was about to fall off.

I can thoroughly recommend him if you want a handsome, manly guy with a big, hard, fat cock who is very enthusiastic, especially when you get to the sex part..

There are two Cha's you can cha-cha with - I've never seen the other one but my guy is on the short side and I don't recall seeing any tattoos. Then again, I didn't really look. He refers to himself as "tea." so if you say "I want Mr Cha. Mr tea," you'll get the right one. He's a winner.

I offed Win again last night and had a repeat of the sterling performance from the previous night. What a find!

So, that was Chiang Mai. I think it was worth the visit. There's plenty is sex available but unlike Pattaya, it takes a bit of effort. You have to actively look for it if you decide to go somewhere else other than Adams Apple. The Orion bar had some very attractive freelancers, so you could always drop in there to see who is available.

Often it's all about luck. I knew Korn would be there but it was only by chance that I chose Cha on that first visit. For all I knew he could have been a dud. And of course, finding Win was the other stroke of luck.

I only had one disappointing encounter and that was with another guy at Classic when Cha wasn't available. I still have a bit of a laugh when I think that I spent an hour in a small room with a naked guy but barely caught a glimpse of his body, let alone his equipment, for the first 50 minutes! It takes a rare talent to be able to keep well away from somebody in such a confined space!

The Lotus Hotel was fine, apart from the very poor WiFi. Last night I struggled to get a connection and in the end, just gave up. In order to book my ticket I had to go to a restaurant and use their WiFi.

My intention was to email my e-ticket to reception and get them to print it off. But they don't have a printer!

The receptionist went next door to the owner to use his printer but there was a problem and it couldn't be done. I had to go to 3 internet cafes before I found one with a working printer.

My room was very spacious and had a balcony. It appears to have been recently renovated, wih a "wooden" floor and fresh paint on the walls. Great air-conditioning, too.

There is no guarantee that any of those the guys will be working, should I decide to come back again. And I hate relying on luck. So I'll probably not be back.

I've just arrived in Pattaya.


A warning about booking flights, etc if you have a phone with a small screen.

I got to the airport check-in and handed over my e-ticket. I stood at the counter, waiting for her to check me in. It was taking a long time - there seemed to be a problem. There was - she couldn't find my booking.

She looked at the ticket again.

"Sorry sir, but this ticket for 27 December. Now only September."

So I had to go to the counter to change my flight. It cost 500 baht.

This is the second time I've clicked on the wrong date. Last time it cost me a lot more than 500 baht! So I'll stick to the ipad from now on.

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