Owner's Birthday at Nice Boys

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Owner's Birthday at Nice Boys

Post by Undaunted » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:41 am

Tuesday evening was Beer's birthday and the bar had the usual balloons and food and a full contingent of boys. I was there at 10 PM the place was very busy everyone was having a good time including the boys at some point the lights were shut off and all the boys were on the stage butt naked, many boys were called down by punters to sit with them, the were still naked. It is no secret that this is my favorite place in Pattaya.
The boys are all friends with each other and really have fun. Yes, all but one are straight just the way I like it.

I read a trip report the other day by a member who has a preference to be fucked and suck and I got the impression that he thought straight boys won't fuck you or they won't bottom. This is a misconception. I am a top and want nothing to do with gay twinks and it is not all that difficult to have a straight boy bottom.....these boys seem to have the ability to fuck anything from ladyboys to girls to old falangs. A friend of mine who was a bottom hated when a boy fucked him while looking a a girl sex video he really believed the boy should get off on him. I don"t even think a gay boy happily fucks some falang his grandfather's age.
"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

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