Pattaya report, July 2018

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Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:42 pm

The motorway was free of traffic and I made it down to Pattaya in just under 2 hours.

I decided to go for a quick stroll around Boyztown and the neighbouring sois to check out the changes, since I was last here.

And they have been dramatic. I can't believe the number of bars up for sale. It's sad to see, especially as the signs are still up to show what it used to be like.

As I walked out of the Ambiance and headed towards the main road a guy from Scandid Massage rushed up be, calling my name. I turned around and was greeted by a huge smile - it was my old flame from Neal's Happy Place!

He was absent on my last trip to Pattaya but on the previous trip he was working at Boyzboyzboyz, and the one before he was a massage boy at Copa. We had great times together - he's such a funny guy, always joking and laughing. Mr Personality. I promised him I'd be back after my quick stroll.

We sat on the bed chatting and he told me about what he been doing the past few years. His brother had died in a motorcycle accident and he needed to return to Issan. It's ironic because I often spoke to him about how he would get drunk every night and ride home on his motorcycle. Many a time I would offer to pay his taxi fare but he didn't want to leave his motorcycle out in the soi overnight.

We got onto more pleasant topics and after another half hour or so, it was time for fun.

But it was not like before. He took off his clothes and it was immediately obvious that that trim, taut body was a thing of the past - he had put on quite a bit of weight.

"I drink too much. No exercise anymore."

He then ripped a condom apart and tied it around the base of his cock, like to guys in the shows do to stay hard. Oh, dear.

I always thought those "cock rings" were put on one the boy got hard, but he put it on while still soft. He has a magnificent long cock and I just wondered how it could get hard like that. Wouldn't the flow of blood be constricted? But after a bit of "samoking" it stood to attention.

The main event came around quickly. I was super horny.

In the past he's been able to fuck me into submission, but not any more. He managed to remain hard for about 5 minutes and then it was all over.

I told him how good a top he was but, of course I was very disappointed. I was so happy because I thought I'd found my daily afternoon fuck-buddy, but now it's have to go and look for someone else.

In the evening I headed straight over to Sunee. There were about 10 boys sitting outside Goodboys, but I only recognised one. The manager was nowhere in sight and the "head boy" couldn't (wouldn't) tell me which guys had the kind of cock I crave. So I chose the guy I recognised, as he was really handsome and very eager. But it was a case of pot luck, which I don't like.

As he pulled down his pants he said "I small." My heart sank.

But once I started working on it, it wasn't small at all. He's from Issan, so you get the idea. Ok, he wasn't a Chet, for those who knew him, but more than adequate for the task. I had a great time. Drinks 150 baht, chuck-wow 300.

Then over to Eros.

It was completely dead! There was only one customer sitting by himself. The bonus, though, is that I had my choice of guys who rushed over, got it up and waved it in my face. I chose the Issan guy with the biggest cock.

I chuck-wowed 2 guys. The second guy, also well-endowed, took out his phone to watch Japanese porn. I asked him to turn the sound down! Just after we got started he fast-forwarded to a scene where the girl had spread her legs apart and that was it. He came immediately! I actually didn't see any cumshot - I only realised when I noticed my hand was damp. Then I saw one glob of cum on his thigh.

"Sorry. I chuck-wow 3 times already today. Nam nit-noy."

Porn is a blessing, especially for horny young guys, but if the boys are chuck-wowing all day watching movies, it's not so good for the customer.

We went outside and I sat with some of the guys. One remembered that I offed a certain guy from Eros multiple times and said he would phone him. I told him not to bother - this guy performed ok but always had trouble getting it up. Besides, I want to be a butterfly this trip.

"I call him now."

"No, please don't."

He took out his phone and started dialling.

"No. Don't call him. It's ok. Please stop."

But he went ahead and called him anyway. As he was speaking on the phone I was desperately telling him "No! No!"

When I heard my name mentioned I was furious.

"Why did you do that?"

"It's ok. He come to bar now."

"It's ok. I'm leaving now!"

So on to Nice Boys. Most of the boys had their cocks out, furiously wanking while watching porn on 2 phones strategically place on a table in front of the bar. They were being called down by the customers for a quick 20 baht grope. I was a very willing participant!

The Korean guy next to me put 300 baht in a glass and the waking competition got underway. The first guy to cum got the money. If it were me, it would be the last guy to cum, thereby prolonging the fun.

As the guys were obviously up for a chuck wow, I called over number 1 - the most handsome guy in the bar. And what a nice cock! I had a great time and, judging by his cumshot, so did he. 300 baht. Alcohol 170, soft drinks 150, if I recall.

I considered offing a boy but the Korean guy told me they were pretty useless in bed because they couldn't get it up. That's what I thought too, as they appear to all be straight.

Off to Boyzboyzboyz for the midnight show.

OMG! What' a waste of time! As reported here the guys were all fully dressed. There was nobody particularly attractive to me and without seeing them in their briefs, the "Which boy you like, which size you want " is meaningless. How can we get an idea of the size?

The show was also a waste of time. Apart from the act where they put their cocks through the holes in the curtain, out-of-pants cock was only visible twice. One of them was drummer boy.

Many of the massage "boys" working in Boyztown are well past it. Time to throw in the towel. One of them is a guy in his fifties who was a waiter at Boyzboyzboyz. That'll give you an idea of what's on offer.

So unless I can find someone at a massage place in Tuk Com it looks as though I'll be heading back to Bangkok tomorrow.

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by thewayhelooks » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:16 pm

Maybe it's time to go with the times and get on social media apps. Not as much fun as seeing them on stage but then maybe not a waste of time either.

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:02 am

I LOVE Pattaya!!!! I ain't goin' nowhere!

After a depressing night, exacerbated by the fact that I didn't have sex before going to bed, I was ready to leave.

The guy who the boy at Eros phoned is no longer a problem, as I told him I was only staying here for 1 day and then returning to Bangkok.

I've had a long-term guy here for years. I've lost count of the number of holidays we've spent together. I thought he'd gone back home to work but out of desperation I decided to contact him on Line. Maybe he'd we willing to fly down here. Christ, I was even prepared to offer him a business class ticket and a limo from the airport!

To my utter surprise and delight, he was in Pattaya! I couldn't believe it.

This guy is a real stunner, with a huge, fat Issan cock. It's fatter than the Lao guy's and is heading towards the length of Mr Ten Inches. I'm guessing around 8 inches when he's rock hard. I've written about him extensively in previous reports.

But equally important is his lovely personality and his self-deprecating sense of humour. He's just so much fun to be with.

He came to meet me today in the afternoon. I was sitting waiting for him on the terrace outside the Ambiance. Suddenly he appeared from around the corner. When he saw me, he flashed me his beautiful smile and I went weak at the knees. Now you're talking!

We briefly hugged and kissed then went straight up to the room where we sat on the bed and chatted. There was a lot to talk about as I haven't seen him for 4 years. Thankfully his English is more than adequate to carry on a conversation, and he just loves to talk.

His knowledge of current affairs, both Thai and foreign, is amazing. His parents didn't have enough money to send him to high school so he is self-educated.

It was time to get busy.

He came out of the shower ready for action. OMG! That washboard stomach! And that cock! I'd forgotten how magnificent it was. Even though he's topped me countless times over the years, I was still filled with trepidation. How on earth did I ever handle that?

I knelt down at the end of the bed and "samoked" him for about 15 minutes. He lay there, eyes closed, writhing with pleasure. I just love the thought that I can make these guys feel so good. In a strange way I feel a sense of power. I was tempted to keep going until he came but decided I wanted to experience him topping me. I saw it as a bit of a challenge. If I couldn't take it, it wouldn't matter as we could still have lots of fun.

But I could and it was just like old times.

I chuck-wowed him and luckily, I remembered that this guy is a sprayer. Somehow he managed to keep the sheets clean.

One thing that has changed is his "samoking" technique - I don't know what has happened but it has improved out of sight.

We then headed off to his favourite restaurant - Fuji - where we ate our way through the menu. My god, this guy can eat! Considering the only exercise he gets is the morning chuck-wow in the shower (he says the sound of the water makes him horny!), how does he remain so slim?

Over dinner, and later at Starbucks, he told me all the latest bar gossip and spoke in detail about his life as a gogo boy. I've heard some of the stories before, but they are always interesting. I got the low-down on the costs of running a bar and the behind -the -scenes behaviour of the mama-sans. Fascinating.

Now I'm in seventh heaven. I've got everything I need to make the rest of my holiday thoroughly enjoyable.

He's in seventh heaven too, but for a different reason, of course.

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by thewayhelooks » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:50 am

Would you consider relating some of his stories? I'd love to know what goes on behind the scenes.

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:35 pm

Some information can be found here, in post #16.


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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:25 pm

Last night my guy was telling me more about his earlier days as a gogo boy and how he spent his new, untold "wealth."

He'd go to a disco every night to pick up girls. He'd open a bottle of whisky with his friends and the whisky gave him the courage to approach the most beautiful girls. He was very shy then, and one of his best attributes is that he still is - except when in bed.

He'd go up to a girl, clink glasses with her and ask for her phone number. He got it every time. Often the girls would give it to him without him even asking.

Girls would spot him and come over to say hello and give him their numbers. Most girls didn't want to wait and so they went straight to his room.

I asked him what they said when they saw his huge appendage. They were all surprised, of course, and delighted at the fun such a cock promised. Some were understandably a little worried! But he never had a problem. Like me, they probably saw it as a challenge.

He had at least one new girl every single night for years! And many, many repeaters. As this guy has it all - the personality, face, body and cock, it's no wonder.

It was hard to get this info out of him as he never wants to come across as boastful. It took a lot of prodding (something I know a lot about!). When I said I wasn't surprised at his success, because he is so handsome, he became all bashful.

"Not handsome. 50:50."

"And you have such a huge cock! The girls would have gone gaga when they saw it."

"Not big. Just medium."

I asked him how they reacted when they saw his magnificent cumshot.

"They don't see because I cum inside. Only see in condom."

I've only ever seen his cum in a condom once, as I like to chuck-wow him. But on this occasion he got very close to cumming and asked me if he could keep going. I couldn't bring myself to say no. He came within seconds and collapsed, totally spent, on top of me. I removed the condom. What a sight to behold!

The boy's cumshot is an integral part of the experience for me. So far, he hasn't hit the wall or the bedhead as he has done in the past. But I live in hope. But the amount of cum he produces is prodigious. It's because when I'm in town he puts his morning chuck-wow on hold.

God, he's such a sweet guy!

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:54 am

If the situation in Pattaya does not improve, I'll only visit when my guy is in town.

The final straw for me was Boyzboyzboyz - it is but a shadow of its former glory. The new owner obviously decided to change direction and as a gay man, it now offers me nothing. I can see more attractive fully-dressed guys on Beach Road - no need to pay 280 baht for the privilege.

And although the Tiffany show is entertaining, I'm here to see guys, not ladyboys, cocks, not tits. And now that the cocks have virtually disappeared, there is no reason for me to return.

Tonight we after dinner we went to Starbucks as usual. After covering a bewildering number of topics ( including the G7 meeting and Asian history!), he started telling me about his early life and how he ended up in a gay bar in Pattaya.

He was born into a very poor family and daily life was a real struggle. At the age of 13 he wanted a bicycle, as all his friends had one. But the family couldn't afford it so he decided to go to work and earn some money to buy one. After 3 months he had saved enough to buy a second-hand one and was able to join his mates cycling everywhere.

At the age of 19 he decided he wanted a motorcycle, and he worked hard to buy a second-hand one. He was ripped off by the motorcycle shop, who charged him 49,000 baht for a bike that was only worth 29,000. Not growing up with money he had no idea about making such a large purchase. The owner took advantage of his youth, inexperience and shy disposition.

"What did you do? Did you pay the 49,000?"

"Yes. I just work harder. Bad experience make me strong."

A friend then suggested he go to Bangkok to look for work. He found a job in construction, but being of slight build, he only lasted about a month before going home, where he worked as a car detailer. But it was a dead-end job and the money was barely enough to live on. He worked 9 hours for the princely sum of 150 baht per day.

Then out of the blue he got a phone call from a friend groom guys home town who was working in Happy Boys, just outside Sunee Plaza. He encouraged him to join him and after hearing how much money his friend was making, he got straight on the bus. Instead of 150 baht for 9 hours work, he could make 1,000 in 30 minutes! And 300 in 5 minutes if it was a chuck-wow.

"How did you feel on your first night working in Happy Boys?"

"You know I shy. And straight not gay. I have to wear skirt and customer can lift skirt and see my cock! Then customer touch my cock! OMG! I tell my friend I go home. I cannot work here. I cannot get hard for customer."

But he was shocked by the amount of money he made that night, just from tips from drinks and customers playing with his cock.

After his first night he had made more in less than an hour than he'd made in a week back home!

He was hooked - there was no turning back.

With stunning looks, slim body and that huge cock he had many offs every week. Suddenly he had more money than he knew what to do with. His life had turned 180 degrees.

He now regrets the way he spent his new-found wealth; he squandered it and did not send much home to his mother. He still feels guilty about neglecting her, although he certainly made up for it later. I never knew him in his free-spending days; ever since I've known him he has always deposited the money from me in the ATM when we go out for dinner. Unlike many of the guys, he doesn't party. And he no longer drinks -a bonus for me considering my recent experience in Bangkok.

As a result of the owner's financial troubles and a staff member allegedly helping herself to money from the till every night, Happy Boys eventually closed. That's when he moved on to Nice Boys.

The mamasan spoilt it for him - she was always asking boys for a cut of the customers' tips. If the boys refused she would physically abuse them. When a customer entered the bar she would only recommend the boys who paid her.

So he left and went to Eros.

I met him outside Queen Bar one night after work. He was with a guy I had offed earlier in the evening. The next night I went to Eros and had my first look at his endowment. We had a long chat and it became immediately obvious that he was someone truly special.

This time I was the one hooked. I also have never looked back.

He was one of the most popular boys in Eros and had multiple offs every week. So he called his younger brother to join him. Unfortunately, he missed out in the cock department and couldn't speak a word of English, but being such a nice guy he still did well.

A farang friend of his decided to open a new bar - Sunny Boys - and persuaded him to move bars. His brother followed him. Being straight, he was very embarrassed at being asked to wear a G-string with his arse on full display.

When Sunny Boys folded he moved back home and got into the fish farming industry. He spent 20,000 baht to buy the fish but in the end only made 4,000 baht in 6 months.

"Ok, I try and I fail. It make me strong. No problem."

He applied for a job at Boyzboyzboyz. He was told to go to the toilet and get hard. They were impressed with what they saw but told him he needed to bulk up.

On my suggestion he went to work at Cupidol but didn't like the way he, and others, were treated. Mamasans have so much power over the boys.

So he has ended up in Jomtien Complex. He makes a reasonable living but of course, the income is not reliable and nowhere near the money he had been making earlier.

I asked him if he would consider returning to Eros.

"No, never! I have you, so enough for me."

And more than enough for me!

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by a447 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:59 am

Tonight was our last night together so after dinner I decided I'd take him shopping.

"Do you still want a new shirt?"

"It's ok. Too expensive. No problem."

"Come on! Let's go and see if we can find one you like. I know you want a black one."

So off we went.

As we were walking around I noticed he was wanting to say something, but he was very hesitant.

"Alright! I know you want to tell me something. Don't be shy; what is it?"

After some hesitation he did : "Err....maybe not shirt but jeans. You ok?"

As he was looking at the jeans I saw him glance at a beautiful black shirt. I just knew he wanted it, so I said I'd buy it for him.

"No. Too much. One enough."

I suggested he try it on with the jeans and when he came out of the change room, wow! - he looked amazing. Black is definitely his colour. Mind you, his slim body means he looks great in (or out of) anything he wears. He had a huge smile on his face. He was happy. Mission accomplished!

As we walked over to the cashier he was still protesting.

"No. I want to buy something for you. Then we are both happy. Just tell me what you want."

Of course, he didn't, so I told him I was going to buy him a new belt to go with the jeans. The one has been wearing has had its day.

I said he needed a new pair of shoes to complete the outfit but he wasn't having a bar of that.

"Too much already!"

"Ok. Next time I come to Pattaya, I'll buy you some."

"Oh, thank you!" he said and gave me a discreet cuddle.

What a guy!

His attitude just blows my mind. He knew I'd buy him anything he wanted. He could have walked away in a new pair of Nikes. Many other boys would quickly take advantage of a farang waving around a credit card, but not him. As we have been seeing each other for years, his attitude doesn't surprise me in the least. Unlike so many guys I've met here in the past, he has never asked for anything. I just can't believe it.

When we got back to the room he couldn't wait to model his new clothes for me. For the first time ever I thought he looked just as good in clothes as without!


Tonight being our last night together we got started early. He asked if he could cum on my chest.

Sure. No probrem!

He straddled me and started furiously jacking off and, as usual, I took over when he was about to cum. I put my hand up to catch it but it somehow flew over my hand and I got a facial instead.

"Oh, sorry! Sorry!" he said and he reached for a towel to mop me down.

We lay in bed hugging and cuddling, and chatted for half an hour or so. And then he was gone. He's probably heading home next week.

I've written about him many times in the past. He's the real deal. Of course, the sex is important and he is one of the few guys who actually has a good time in bed, just like my boy in Bangkok. But for me, that is not enough to become a my regular guy. I want the full package. And he has it.

I'm just pissed off that it took so many years of coming to Pattaya before I found him. He was out there all that time, but our paths never crossed despite the small confines of Sunee Plaza. There is someone for everyone - you just have to be patient.

I'm supposed to go to Europe in September but if I can get out of it, I'll be back in Pattaya.

I think I'm in love!

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Re: Pattaya report, July 2018

Post by fountainhall » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:58 am

a447 wrote:I'm just pissed off that it took so many years of coming to Pattaya before I found him. He was out there all that time, but our paths never crossed despite the small confines of Sunee Plaza. There is someone for everyone - you just have to be patient.

I'm supposed to go to Europe in September but if I can get out of it, I'll be back in Pattaya.

I think I'm in love!
If that's the way you feel, just go for it! Get out of that Europe trip even though it may cost you. Things happen all the time. Don't risk losing him.

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