Bangkok report July 2018

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by a447 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:57 am

This afternoon I went to the bar to pick up my friend, only to find he was not well. He still has a bad cold and today he had a bit of a fever.

I thought something was wrong yesterday in bed. He's normally as hard as an iron rod but this time it wasn't so strong. Mind you, for any mortal man it was certainly hard enough to get the job done, but he just not up to his usual rigid self. So I decided to get a massage.

On the way to GC I pass Indra and have noticed a really cute guy who I'd already penciled in. He was sitting there today I rushed back. But he already been taken.

So I went to Soi Twilight, planning on getting a massage at Bangkok Massage or Bonnys. I walked a bit further down the soi and was accosted by a guy at XBoys pool hall. He wasn't all that attractive so I continued walking. I heard footsteps being me. I turned around and was confronted by a very handsome guy, probably in his late twenties. His name is Den and he's gorgeous.

We went up 2 steep flights of stairs and entered the room. My god, it's huge! About the same size as my room at the Tarntawan. There's a large mattress up against the wall, on a dias. The shower is in the room and is also quite large.

As he was taking his pants off he told me he was from Issan - always very welcome news. And I was not disappointed. He was still soft but I could tell it was a grower.

He started with a back massage and, as they do, rubbed his cock up against me. He very quickly put his hand between my legs and I was ready for action.

I turned over and got my first view of his hard cock. Just perfect!

I "samoked" him and then he returned the favour but to be honest, he's not very skilled in that area - it was just ok. Nothing like my Lao guy, unfortunately. But then, he's one in a million.

He asked me if I had any condoms. What? Isn't he supposed to organise that? I didn't, so he went downstairs to get one. Unfortunately, he didn't have any KY.

Mmmm...this is going to be interesting. How do you fuck without lube? I guess I'll soon find out. I braced myself.

But to my surprise, it was totally ok, even though he was not very subtle when he put it in. In fact, he sort of rammed it home very quickly.

On the way out of the room I noticed how large this place actually is. There were three more big rooms, plus space for one more. There's another huge area which has a toilet on one side and a bathroom on the other. Imagine the rent they are paying for all that wasted space. Cream massage 500 baht.

Later in the evening I went to see the show at Fresh Boys in Soi Twilight. Drinks 400 baht. Enough said.

I them headed off to GC and who should be sitting there but Mr Ten Inches! He was sitting with a group of customers. Damn! On the way back from the toilet he came over to say hello. OMG! That smile!

I hung around hoping the customers would leave but it appeared they had settled in for the night. So I offed my Lao guy yet again.

When I first met him I thought he was straight, but he's 100% gay, which explains his expert "samoking" technique. Only a gay guy can do it like he does.

I went back to the bar and thank god, the customers had gone. Mr Ten Inches immediately came over and pulled out his cock and got it up for me. The next hour was spent enjoying every inch. Even when I didn't have my hand on it - when I was chatting to the other guys - he sat there playing with himself. With him I never know whether to look at his gorgeous face or at his appendage. Decisions, decisions!

What a great end to a Bangkok holiday!

Tomorrow I'm off to Pattaya.

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by a447 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:56 am

I forgot to mention a conversation I had with a guy in GC earlier in the week. He was furiously typing on his phone and showed me the conversation he'd been having since the day before with a farang.

The farang is a customer of his from New York. He'd just arrived at Suvarnabhumi and was caught with $150,000 cash in his suitcase. Apparently, the money was to be used to buy a house. To let him go the customs officer was demanding 15,000 baht, money which the farang didn't have. He was begging the boy to send the money to him, or else they were sending him to the lock-house. But as the boy said, as if I'd have a spare 15,000 floating about. He suggested the guy contact his company back home as they could afford to bail him out.

As of last night, he was still in Suvarnabhumi! He's been there 6 days.

A warning to us all!


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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by Gaybutton » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:06 pm

a447 wrote:As of last night, he was still in Suvarnabhumi! He's been there 6 days.
I don't understand why. What law did he break?

It does seem odd that someone would travel with that amount of cash in his luggage, but I am not aware of any restrictions about bringing money into Thailand. Didn't he declare the money? If not, then yes, I would not be surprised if he is held until they can be certain he is not traveling with so much cash for any sinister purposes.

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by fountainhall » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:01 pm

If he travelled with that amount of hard cash in his hold baggage, he was an idiot! The chances of it being discovered by the normal security screening systems are pretty high, to say nothing of its being stolen.

When I worked in Japan, the fee for remitting funds back to my account in Hong Kong was huge. So I got into the habit of taking spare cash with me on my monthly trips to the Hong Kong office. Near the end of my stay I had to go via Seoul and happened to have 3 million Yen on me. Since I was later taking it out, I declared it and got the proper paperwork done. When I departed, it was all in my carry on. As that went through the X-ray, a pinger went off and I was asked to open the bag. So many magnetic strips all aligned had set off the alarm. Having the paperwork, it took only about 10 seconds to be passed through. But I only had 300 x ¥10,000 bills. I expect for this guy $150,000 required a pretty thick wad of 1,500 x $100 bills.

But the story really does not ring true. If he really was carrying $150,000 in cash and really had been asked for tea money of Bt. 15,000, why didn't this guy just take $500 or so and change it into Baht at the exchange counter in the baggage hall?

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by a447 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:45 pm

No, he didn't declare it.

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by Asia Traveler » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:30 pm

Was he a Nigerian Prince by any chance?

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Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Post by Bangkokian » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:54 pm

If he was going to use it to buy a property (condo) legally -- he would have have to use declared money anyway.

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