What do you want from gogo bars? (poll)

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What do you want from gogo bars? Up to 2 votes per person

Guys in trunks
Guys in trunks dancing & doing tasteful shows
Guys in shorts or similar attire
Guys m*sturbating & other smut
No guys
No votes
Lady boy & drag shows
No lady boy & drag shows
Don't visit gogo bars
Total votes: 88


Re: What do you want from gogo bars? (poll)

Post by Undaunted » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:37 pm

Gaybutton wrote:
Undaunted wrote:Why can't there be go go bars that only have ladyboys and those that only have guys?
My preference is boys who are slightly fem, but not overtly so. I don't care for the breast augmentation and I definitely don't care for so much makeup that you would need a putty knife to scrape it off. On the other hand, I also don't care for the macho muscle boys. Since there is such a wide diversity of tastes, I would think the smart thing to do on a bar's part would be to try to have a mix - something for everyone. A bar that's exclusively lady-boys wouldn't get your business. A bar that is exclusively macho boys wouldn't get mine. Every so often I deviate from my usual preference, but I would still tend to take my business to bars where I am likely to find boys that are my type. Why would I go to a bar where I would know none of the boys are my type?

"One man's meat is another man's poison".

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Re: What do you want from gogo bars? (poll)

Post by Jun » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:26 am

Undaunted wrote:Why can't there be go go bars that only have ladyboys and those that only have guys?
This what quite a few of us actually want.
Gaybutton wrote: The only bar I know of in all of Thailand doing that is Tawan in Bangkok.
I've been in quite a few bars & never seen any sign of ladyboy shows. Euroboys, Funny Boys, Happy Boys & Classic Boys for example. Maybe I just got lucky & left before they run the shows. They have some delightful fem boys in some of these places, but I've not ever encountered ladyboys centrestage.
Gaybutton wrote: I see that several people here dislike lady-boys and/or fem boys, but I don't think it would be very wise for bars to start getting exclusive. If they did, they would be cutting out customers that like one type or the other. As far as I know, most bars hire any boy who walks in and wants to be a go-go boy, no matter what type they are. Some bars are permitting freelancers to come in and dance (or just stand there doing the "One Knee Shuffle"), without salary, when they're trying to "have farang" take them off.

Firstly the poll refers to ladyboy shows. That's different to a gogo bar with a few fem boys or even ladyboys present, but not doing a show.
The problem arises when I enter a gogo bar & all the cute guys disappear off 10 minutes later, because there is a 30 minute ladyboy show.
It's rather like alternating 30 minutes of Premier League football with 30 minutes of opera. Some will like both, but many will not.

If you must incorporate a mix in a gay bar which is to appeal to a broad gay market, why not just have them all on the same stage?

Avoid the trap of leaving people who do not like lady boy shows with nothing to do for 30 minutes but look at a lady boy show (or drink up & leave).
Also, keep lady boys on the stage with the other staff until they are invited to sit with customers. Having to politely get rid of the lady boy who sits down alongside is not a relaxing way to start the visit to a bar. why should it only be lady boys who get to float around like this?

I actually quite like fem boys in gogo bars, or better still in my hotel room.

I'm not attracted to ladyboys though -breasts & dresses just do not appeal. My personal choice & possibly one shared by quite a few other gogo bar customers.

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