Peculiar News From The Pattaya News

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Peculiar News From The Pattaya News

Post by jimnbkk »

Although I am not in Thailand at the moment, I still receive The Pattaya News daily. The News I received today contained an article about 'an intoxicated man' who was detained for performing sex act on dogs!

"....The incident took place at 9:00 P.M. at a warehouse located outside of Soi Nong Mai Kaen 12 Moo 7, when the unidentified Thai man drove up to a parking lot outside the building in a bronze Izuzu D-max, stepped out of the vehicle, and began interacting with two stray dogs in the lot, a male and a female dog."

".......a warehouse security worker, was working inside the CCTV room of the warehouse and decided to carefully observe the man as his behavior seemed odd. A short time later ...(his)... suspicions proved correct as he was shocked to see the man allegedly perform sexual acts on each dog. The man then began to try to take one dog, a male, into his pick-up truck but the dog attempted to resist and get away."

There's more to the story in the paper. Imagine! Disgraceful!!

5555555 ... n-pattaya/

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Re: Peculiar News From The Pattaya News

Post by Gaybutton »

Oh well, we all have our little fetishes . . .

I wonder how much he paid to off those dogs. But unless the dogs were 18 year old, they could add under-age sex to the charges.

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Re: Peculiar News From The Pattaya News

Post by thewayhelooks »

Hope the cops put him on a leash. Puppy love indeed.

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Re: Peculiar News From The Pattaya News

Post by gerefan »

That story is the dogs bullocks. Brings a whole new meaning to the term doggy style.

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