When was your most recent off from a gogo bar ?

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Re: When was your most recent off from a gogo bar ?

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bi-top wrote:
Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:53 am
Whatttttt? They are all open. Maybe a Hundred between Soi Honey, LK, Boomerang, Soi Pothole, Bongkot - and Third road. I've even written about the Gentleman's Club bar crawls on another thread.
Ok, if you say they're open, then they're open. I can't even remember the last time I was anywhere near those sois, other then Third Road, so I'll take your word for it.

In that case maybe someone will drop by a few of them and see if their format has a good chance of working if a similar gay format ever opens.

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Re: When was your most recent off from a gogo bar ?

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Would anyone else like to add an on topic report of their last off from a gogo bar ?

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Re: When was your most recent off from a gogo bar ?

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My last real off from a gogo BAR was-cannot remember. For a few yrs I kept outofbar steady meetings with a guy I met there-that will not count. No off to pay-only the shorttime HTL-late afternoon, so he could eat and then go to his ´work´. So at least 15 yrs. Since then quite happy with these massage shops since I discovered them-and these are also open from 12/13/14 etc. hrs-so can fill the gap for immediate release for gentlemen. In fact have had many more very interesting meets with a much wider variety of personalities there. Some bars -perhaps in the past- also offered a place to stay in their premises for guys-so there were staff like for 24 hrs-but I guess not in the Silom area.
I think the most imprt reason for gogo to start at saam toom (3 evening=21.00) is that -certainly in the past-most guys had normal daytime jobs.
There must however be a kind of law or perhaps local ruling that these ´entertainment places´ as they are always called in Thai, have to close by 2.00. And cannot even open on certain Buddist holidays in some cities. Newspprs always had numerous reports about police raids after hrs and finding all kinds of forbidden substance and criminals.

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