Covid, Monkey Pox, and the Flu are not the only dangerous diseases

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Covid, Monkey Pox, and the Flu are not the only dangerous diseases

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Along with those, now it is dengue fever season, a disease spread by mosquitos. With all the rain we've already had, along with the predictions of much more to come, dengue fever is especially worrisome this year. There are no vaccines to prevent it.

For most it is not a highly dangerous disease - similar to flu-lke symptoms - and usually goes away within a week. Still, it is not a disease you want. Try to do what you can to get rid of standing water. That's where mosquitos lay their eggs.

There is not much that can be done to treat it. Unless it is a severe case, the usual treatment recommendation is drink plenty of liquids. (I always wonder why they put it that way. I don't know of anything you can drink that is not a liquid . . .)

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Re: Covid, Monkey Pox, and the Flu are not the only dangerous diseases

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My experience several years ago was a slight fever and mild headaches - which I incorrectly treated with aspirin, but did seem to get some relief. About the 4th day, a rash developed on my upper chest - it was that which led me to suspect I had dengue fever. I was still having some fever and off and on headache. I was busy that day, so decided to see a doctor at BHP and made an appointment for the next day and expecting I would have to stay as an inpatient, I asked a friend to drive me to the hospital for my appointment rather than drive myself.

That was a good thing as the next morning I had severe pain in my legs when I stood or tried to walk. Upon arrival at BHP, I couldn't walk and had to avail myself of a wheelchair - fortunately, no pain while sitting. A visit with the doctor and a blood test confirmed it was dengue fever.

I was admitted to the hospital and spent about 3 nights -- either it had pretty much run its course or the medicine provided worked well, because during my time in the hospital I felt fine - no fever, no headaches, no pain. But I was chastised a bit for having taken aspirin as it is a blood thinner and if you have the hemorrhagic strain it can lead to much more severe internal bleeding and death :o .

Although the hospital blood test could identify it was dengue, they had to send a sample to Bangkok to determine which strain it was. They did ask for personal information, address, etc. so they could file a required report with the Pattaya health department. And again another report once the strain was identified.

When I returned home, there was a notice in my mailbox from the City advising they had sprayed around the house and in the area.

I have had several friends and acquaintances that contracted dengue - some went to the hospital as I did whereas others just weathered it at home without seeking medical treatment. Although my hospital treatment may not have been absolutely necessary, it was fully covered by my health insurance, so better to be safe then sorry. I don't recall the Thai entertainer's name, but a few years ago, there were several news articles about him contracting dengue and not immediately seeking medical help - it seems he had the hemorrhagic strain and died from it.

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