State Railway of Thailand launches work on new carriage prototype

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State Railway of Thailand launches work on new carriage prototype

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Two things the article does not say is at what speed the train will travel and the route. If it offers travel between Pattaya and Bangkok, that might be a good alternative to buses, taxis, or even driving yourself, We'll see.

State Railway of Thailand launches work on new carriage prototype

By Pattaya Mail

July 30, 2022

Engineers at the King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) have disclosed that they are currently developing a prototype for a 25-seater luxury rail carriage that is expected to enter service offered by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) in 2023.

Deputy SRT governor Siripong Preutthipan stated that the project is part of the Transport Ministry’s Thai First Policy, which aims to incorporate more Thai-made hardware into Thailand’s public transportation system.

According to Siripong, the project received 32 million baht in funding, of which 25 million baht came from the Competitiveness Program Management Unit. Sinogen-Pin Petch Joint Venture Co, meanwhile, provided the remaining budget.

The engineering team said the new carriage would feature eight “super luxury” seats, which are comparable to first-class seats on an airplane, and seventeen “luxury” seats, which resemble business class. The carriage will also have a 5G-based intelligent infotainment system and a UV-C air purification system.

Deputy SRT governor added about 40% of the materials used to construct this prototype were sourced locally, making it thirty percent less expensive than an imported carriage. After the carriage has been tested to ensure it meets international safety and production standards, it will be added to the SRT’s regular services.

Story and photos: ... ype-405169

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