I love this little story - so typical of Thai Logic (or lack thereof)

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I love this little story - so typical of Thai Logic (or lack thereof)

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Well, we had to put it somewhere, didn't we?

Crosswalk to nowhere on Pattaya street infuriates lifelong residents

By Pattaya Mail

May 29, 2022


Naklua citizens scratch their heads wondering why Pattaya City wasted taxpayers’ money to paint a bright red crosswalk on a small street no one uses.

A Naklua man questioned why Pattaya City Hall painted a large, elaborate crosswalk on a small alley no one uses.

Natdanai Mingkwansirisophon, 47, posted photos of the five-meter-wide crosswalk on the three-meter-wide sidestreet off Sawangfah Road in Naklua. The bright red crosswalk was painted in front of his sister’s house and a motorcycle-repair shop, even though virtually no cars use the street.

Natdani said that the ridiculously wide crosswalk now prohibits customers to park in front of the motorbike repair shop which effectively destroys his business which has been in operation for generations.

When asked why they were painting a crosswalk at this particular spot, the workers said that they received a budget and the order from the people in charge.

Facebook users complained about the wasted tax money.

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