How to include photos in posts

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How to include photos in posts

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If you want to include photos (it does not work for posting videos) here is what to do:

1. Go to the imgur web site. That is the site that will host photos and videos.
2. Register on the web site. It is free.
3. At the top left of the screen, click on 'New Post'
4. A new screen will pop up that allows you to drop your photo into the screen or choose to upload the photo from your computer. I'm not sure how to do this via a mobile phone, but there it is.
5. Once your photo has been uploaded, now it will appear on the main screen.
6. Click on it.
7. Just above the photo, on the right, you will see three dots like these ...
8. Click on the dots. There are also three dots within the photo, but that is not what to click on. Click on the dots above the photo.
9. Then click on "Embed"
10. Then click on "Copy Link"

That copied link is what to paste into your post and your photo should appear.

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