Pattaya high season event schedule - Maybe

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Pattaya high season event schedule - Maybe

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I am not putting any of this under "Announcements" until any of it becomes official. That is dependent on the Covid situation and contingent upon CCSA approval.

In other words, the following is what Pattaya hopes will happen and entertainment can finally start coming out of its suspended animation coma and begin living again.

Pattaya Mayor officially releases tentative event schedule for holiday season: Fireworks, music festival, and more-but requires final CCSA approval

By Goong Nang(GN)

20 September, 2021

The Pattaya City Mayor spoke with TPN reporters this afternoon about the scheduled Fireworks Festival on November 26th and 27th of this year which is on the city calendar plan but needs confirmation and final approval from the CCSA (Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration) before moving forward.

The Pattaya City Mayor Sontaya Khunplome told The Pattaya News team today, “The fireworks festival listed on the November 26th-27th schedule is now being shared on social media by a variety of pages, groups, and businesses. There are many events in Pattaya that have been postponed since March. I wanted to officially address the status of these events as we have had many questions about them after they were leaked through social media over the past few days.”

“From October 1st, some cities are proposed to begin to be opened to international vaccinated tourists. Pattaya is part of this proposal, however, Chonburi is still a maximum control zone and under many Covid-19 restrictions. We also must focus on domestic tourism and be ready to welcome domestic visitors back with many events like last year which was a major success. We cannot sit and wait forever, we have to prepare these activities and assume the best for the final months of this year, building activities and events for both domestic and foreign tourists. When/If the CCSA relaxes current restrictions on gatherings, social events, entertainment, concerts, and similar activities we intend to be ready and able to be one of the first provinces in Thailand to resume regular major events. We also want to plan events for musicians and performers who have been out of work for the past six months and have struggled just as much as many business owners.” The Mayor continued.

“Therefore, we have put together the current schedule (see below) for events for the latter portion of this year and are in the process of planning and putting these together. We want to stress once again this is contingent on CCSA approval, but as the vaccination program has accelerated locally and we are rapidly approaching 70% of our local residents vaccinated, hospitalization levels and serious cases remain low, and the situation improves nationally we expect that this permission will be granted.” The Mayor stated.

“The event schedule is currently for October 22nd – 23rd:Pattaya Music Festival which will continue for four weeks each weekend and is meant to kick off the return of events and Pattaya, on November 19th we will have a Loy Krathong festival, and on November 26th -27th: The Pattaya Fireworks Festival.”

“Additionally, the “Naklua Walk and Eat Festival is planned to take place at the beginning of December until at least the end of January next year.”

“Finally, we are also preparing for the Pattaya Countdown Festival for the New Year, which last year was canceled due to Covid-19 and disappointed many people, including the dozens of musicians scheduled. We hope to be able to make up for that this year with a memorable countdown.” The Mayor explained.

“However all these events depend on the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) for the approval and is contingent on the situation around Covid-19. That being said, we hope to be able to safely have all of these events with Covid-19 precautions. We safely held many events last year and learned a lot about how to do so, this year we plan to do the same with some adjustments and working with the CCSA. We have also studied countries overseas, like in the UK, on how they have successfully brought back festivals and events and plan to adapt some of their procedures and policies.” The Mayor concluded.

TPN media will provide further updates on any events as the dates come closer. Below is an article we wrote over the weekend about the rumors around the fireworks festival before the mayor’s official statement.
Pattaya City leaders have begun tentative, preliminary planning for weekend events in November and December, but have stressed that none of the events yet are “set in stone” due to the Covid-19 situation and are subject to change. ... -approval/

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