Cave Boy Revisited

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Cave Boy Revisited

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He doesn't have Covid, so far as I know, so this post may be out of place, but maybe someone will find it interesting. I'm sure many won't.
YouTube, because of my viewing history, recommended to me a channel made by Adul Sam-on, the boy wonder who was the most celebrated of the famous cave boys because he spoke a little English. He only has 3 videos on it, posted about a year ago. One of them shows all or most of the boys gathered for a meal and karaoke. Since I don't speak Thai, I didn't get much out of it, but it was interesting to see the boys as they looked a year ago. They've gotten older--who would have guessed. The channel had a link to Adul's Facebook page, and on a whim, I clicked it.
That's where it really got interesting, to me at least. What a remarkable life this boy has had since being dragged out of that cave! He has just graduated from the Cushing Academy, a venerable and respected prep school in Massachusetts. I'm not familiar with it, but among it's illustrious graduates are John Cena (!) and His Handsome Majesty the King of Bhutan. I gathered, not necessarily correctly, that Adul was connected with the school by some Christian organization, but it's not a religious school. Adul's English has, unsurprisingly, markedly improved. He has long hair now, in many of the photos, a surprising and not especially flattering look. He shows himself having fun in many locales, surfing, visiting Manhattan, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mackinac Island. He is apparently close to his (presumed) host family, and has numerous US school friends. He still has his ties to Thailand, of course, especially to his church there. To all appearances, he is having a full, happy, rewarding life, the very best I think most of us wished for him and his teammates when we got to "know" them three years ago. I hope the other boys have been as lucky.
Anyone interested can look for Adul Samon on Facebook, or ADUL SAM-ON on YouTube.

My first line was not meant to be snarky about this board's emphasis on Covid. It's obviously the major concern for everyone. I'm in the US where they're practically going door-to-door urging free vaccinations on everyone. It's hard to visualize the situation in Thailand, where vaccinations are still apparently hard or complicated to obtain.

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