Just what Thailand needs . . .

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Re: Just what Thailand needs . . .

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pong wrote:
Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:30 am
AND-as christian stated, they are now also expanding into Cambodia.
Have I missed something? As Christian stated? Do you mean ChristianPFC? I see no posts from him or anyone else named Christian on this topic. If he posted that somewhere else, why didn't you provide a link to the post?

Is Cambodia, along with Thailand, also going into overkill with all these convenience stores?

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Re: Just what Thailand needs . . .

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Jun wrote:
Thu Jun 03, 2021 3:01 pm
I wonder who is opening the larger "rival" 7-Eleven ? CP or franchisees ?
Probably CP. CP obviously know how much business the franchises are doing, because they supply them. I have heard, but do not know as fact, that if a franchised store is doing too well, CP open an owned store near it.

In Chiang Mai, close to me, there have been two new, large 7's opened along the Phrao road, and one small, old fashioned unit closed. That general pattern has been repeated in other places, a large modern store replacing a smaller, older one. That especially makes sense in the context of an internt based home delivery system - a chain of larger stores stocked with a standard range of goods available for delivery.

Finally, PTT (national gas station company) have been replacing their franchised 7's at their gas stations with their own brand Jiffy stores. I don't know how many stores the 7 chain will have lost by the time this process is complete, but I guess it must be over 1000. Certainly, one of the new 7's on the Phrao road, a big store with parking, is about a kilometre before a PTT station with a big, new, Jiffy. That would seem to be a response to competition.

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