GB's annual Songkran report - 2021

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GB's annual Songkran report - 2021

Post by Gaybutton »

For many years I would traditionally start a daily Songkran report beginning April 12 and ending April 19 - Pattaya's "Big Day" in which I, with the help of board members, would post about what is going on, how much water splashing was going on, where it was going on, what precautions you would need to take in order to keep valuables and perishables from being destroyed, which restaurants were open, traffic jam information, etc.

No such report was necessary last year and definitely not this year. No water splashing anywhere. Lots of people at the beaches, but plenty of parking available. No traffic jams - almost no traffic to speak of at all. No need to protect valuables and perishables from water damage. Stores stuck with water guns that are not going to sell.

I almost miss the heavily tattooed drunken farang who came to Pattaya to plague people who did not want to be splashed. Oh well, actually I really don't miss them at all.

Songkran 2021 has come and gone and this year you wouldn't have noticed those days any different from every day. I suppose the only people really happy about it are those who always left Pattaya during Songkran to avoid the water splashing. This year they didn't have to go anywhere. Even if they did, with all the restrictions they would have a hard time coming back, especially if they had left the country.

Just this morning I spotted a Suvarnabhumi Airport-Pattaya bus arriving in Pattaya. Other than the driver, you know how many people were on board? 2. In normal times buses are running full, day and night, both coming and going to the airport. Not anymore.

Maybe next year a real annual Songkran report will be appropriate, but don't hold your breath . . .

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Re: GB's annual Songkran report - 2021

Post by Ruthrieston »

I am sorry for the Thai people that they lost the chance to celebrate Songkran again this year, but at the same time I am grateful that the water splashing was stopped. Normally I would hide in my condo from 12th to 15th and then escape to Bangkok from 16th to 20th, arriving in a very quiet Bangkok as they were recovering from the crazy day on 15th. The disgusting behaviour of crazy foreigners in Pattaya over a whole week every year is just a nightmare for me and I don't miss that at all.

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Re: GB's annual Songkran report - 2021

Post by Lefty »

When I was living there or vacationing earlier, I hated Songkran. For the reasons both of you mentioned.

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