Yesterday 90-check in ... Jomtien Immigration

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Yesterday 90-check in ... Jomtien Immigration

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For years I have done my Immigration duties at about 2:00 in the afternoon ... usually Tuesday thru Thursday ... I have found this time very underpopulated... for 90-day check ins, that has generally meant in and out in 10-15 minutes.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived yesterday (Wednesday) for my 90-day check in .... a quite long outdoor queue ... and under the now-permanent tents every chair full with lots of folks standing. Got onto the ramp for the front door queue ... 8-9 let in at a time ... finally got in to another queue to get a number ... before I got my number a youngish lady/girl with a basket full of passports with no explanation picked 90-day folks and told us to follow her outside under the tent. Hesitantly, lemming-like, I did so. She collected passports in exchange for the ubiquitous laminated numbers ... somewhat auspiciously I got "#69"!! Filled up her basket, carried her load back into the building, and returned with another load. Turns out these were passports with the 90-day check in process completed. After collecting more newly arrived passports, she repeated the process. Amongst the next load was my #69. I checked that all was correct and left ... having been there for about 30 minutes. Amazing Thailand.... or at least Amazing Immigration.

BTW it was recently reported that various photocopies were need for the 90-day check in ... that was no longer the case yesterday.

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Re: Yesterday 90-check in ... Jomtien Immigration

Post by Gaybutton »

Thank you. Maybe you're lucky it took only 30 minutes.

The online reporting web site is still down. It's anyone's guess as to why.

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