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interesting article in BKKpost

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Despite the talk of attracting wealthy tourists and investors ,Thailand actually promoted a strategy of attracting the maximal number of tourists. In my opinion , it is not going to work anymore. Indeed , huge amount of backpackers means a lot of virus and very little money. And the situation with the virus is not going away any time soon. It is now the time to attract a limited number of investors and retirees who will bring a sizable amount of money to Thailand. It is also important to control the virus inside Thailand. Therefore two weeks quarantine should be mandatory for everybody crossing Thai border.The article seems to indicate that foreigners may be allowed to buy houses (own land) and 90 day reporting may be modified. If this is really the case and the virus is controlled inside Thailand , there is a chance to attract wealthy investor and retirees. ... foreigners

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Re: interesting article in BKKpost

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If I have learned nothing else, living in Thailand all these years, I've learned never - never - to believe promises and proposals by the powers-that-be until they actually happen.

I doubt many reading this would need me to tell how many times they do happen compared to how many times they don't . . .

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