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Re: Toyboys

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The other issue with Toyboys is every time a customer starts discussing an off, he's going to hear the "short time tip is 1500 baht at Toy Boys" nonsense.

If the same customer is chatting with a boy from Toy Boys on a phone app, expectations are completely different.
For instance, in the most recent case, after we'd discussed services, the conversation went:
Toy Boy: How much you tip ?
Customer: Minimum 1000
Toy Boy: Can I come now ?

He deserved & got more than the minimum, which was gratefully accepted without a request for more.

Having to put up with the 1500 baht pitch deters some customers, since we tend to want to both tip in line with his expectations AND not pay above the usual going rate.

So if the offer is to watch gogo boys dressed like host bar boys, but paying 200~250% of host bar drink prices & then find they're pushing for something at the top end of the Pattaya short time tip range, some customers simply go elsewhere.

Also, in common with some other members, I've never noticed any positive correlation between the size of the requested tip and the quality of service delivered.

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