New requirements for SETV

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New requirements for SETV

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If anyone is looking to apply for this visa, please. See the article below. ... -500k-thb/

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Re: New requirements for SETV

Post by Jun »

The guy refers to a "jaw dropping" bank balance of 500,000 baht.

However, with 14/15 days quarantine, there should be no tourists who want short term holidays.

So if staying for 60~90 days, even at a very modest 4000 baht per day, this 240~360,000 baht spend. Perhaps they are targeting people who they hope will spend more than 4000 per day. Then add in costs for flights, insurance etc.
Plus a safety margin. After all, do they want people who will spend every penny in Thailand and run out of cash ?

So requiring minimum funds of 500,000 is not at all unreasonable. The only questionable point is why they require the funds to be in a bank account and for a full 6 months. Other liquid assets ought to be acceptable.

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