I loved this one . . .

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I loved this one . . .

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Thai driver has a pretty amazing excuse for fleeing scene of an accident

November 9, 2020

A motorcyclist thought he was helping out after he chased a car for ten kilometers after a hit and run incident.

But after the driver of the vehicle that fled the scene wound down his window he got an answer to his question he wasn't expecting.

"I saw you do a hit and run," said Aum Ariya in a Facebook post that went viral.

"No, she hit ME," says the driver in reply.

"So why did you flee then?, he presses the driver.

"The person who hit me is my wife. I'm with my "mia noi" (mistress). If I didn't flee all hell would break loose. Get it?"

Comment online has been rife with support for both the wife and the couple in the car that fled the scene!

https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/119141 ... n-accident

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