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Retiring in Thailand

Post by whitedesire »

Very interesting report in the media about Dubai promoting retirement. Ok, you need money, but the media seem to think that a lot of countries will start to offer retirement visas especially for wealthy people, especially since Corona, as their economies will have been hit, and they need wealth.

I wouldn't want to retire in Dubai for sure, but it could set a precedent to countries to offer retirement visas, and some countries to compete with each other.

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Re: Retiring in Thailand

Post by christianpfc »

I wouldn't want to retire in Dubai either. I need some boys, culture (based on long history, not recent development) and nature (other than sand and sea) to keep me entertained.

The current crisis will surely prompt everyone who is looking to move somewhere, to see how that country treats those who have committed by founding a family, buying property, and so on. And I'm afraid Thailand does not fare well.

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Re: Retiring in Thailand

Post by Dodger »

I’ve been following the International Living Magazine for years just for the fun of it. It goes through an annual ranking process based on a bunch of logical factors that seem to matter most to retirees.

Up until a few years ago Chiang Mai Thailand ranked in the Top 10, but they seem to have slipped recently….with Malaysia and Vietnam being the only Asian countries that made the Top 10 list.

Here’s the ranking according to the Global Annual Retirement Index for 2020:

1 – Portugal
2 – Panama
3 – Costa Rica
4 – Mexico (Puerto Vallarta)
5 – Columbia
6 – Ecuador
7 – Malaysia
8 – Spain
9 – France
10 - Vietnam

It will be interesting to see how this ranking changes post covid-19. Thailand could possibly move up in the rankings based on its safety record at handling the pandemic. Where countries like Spain and France may lose some ground based on the same criteria.

With the civil unrest in Thailand right now, coupled with the failing economy caused by the pandemic, it would be surprising to see masses of people wanting to retire here right now for those reasons. Then again, there could be a dramatic decline in people wanting to retire in any foreign countries in a post-pandemic era.

As far as I’m concerned, Thailand still ranks # 1 on my list. ... to-retire/

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Re: Retiring in Thailand

Post by pong »

That list seems to me completely NAFTA=US+CA based, here in EUrope noone would dream of countries like Panama or Equador. Colombia does indeed get some recent pos. reviews from gay enterprising voyagers getting tired/afraid of Brasil-bur for occasional visits, not for all the time.
Being myself since a few yrs in that age bracket Ie definitely decided to stay here in EU and only visit-untill march last, to visit TH and perhaps from there some other ASEAN countries for the cold monthes. That avoids also the numerous other problems with insurance and social security-from vivid Thai expat fora (other as TV=ThaiVisa) I recall that most are about EUR males married/tied to Thai females and all report the same problems.
But I also suspect (having had a career in statistics and questionnaires and all that) that this listing is probably also quite biased due to those willing to respond and their nrs.
BTW-I also was a regular visitor to ChMai but last time I went there I decided to not go again-too many Chinese overrunning this charming town and all the result that tends to go with that, incl. much higher prices. It was BKK for me, still thinking (sorry for mr. khunLung GB) that Pattaya would have to little to entertain me for the days). Currently thinking its only 50/50 chance to see BKK again in the upcoming year. But for der Chr it must be even much more boring there somewhere (as I recall?) close to the Polish border in the eastern east of Germany- MacPomm or former Analfabetia? Why dont you go to Berlin and explore there?

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Re: Retiring in Thailand

Post by Jun »

Ranking lists tend to be very subjective and for most such lists, the countries tend to move around from year to year far more than a rational person might expect.
Vietnam is #10. I saw some other article promoting Vietnam as a retirement option recently, but they failed to identify any form of retirement visa scheme. The article I saw referred only to short term tourist visas and business visas. If I have to run a business to live in a country, it's not what I would call pure retirement. Semi-retirement at best. It's a decade since I've been to Vietnam & I find Thailand is far more pleasant.

At lease places like Portugal at the top of the list have retirement visa schemes. However, if one is partial to smooth Asian twinks, retiring in Asia is the way to go. I imagine the writers of the article don't consider how easy it is to find boys.
Currently, Thailand would be top of my list in Asia. I'd have to make further visits to several countries before deciding which is next.

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