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Re: Bar observations

Post by Gaybutton »

gerefan wrote:
Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:54 pm
That’s a shame....
It is no secret that the entire tourist industry is in real trouble. Even if Thailand freely opens up immediately, which won't happen, I believe it will take a very long time for the tourist venues to recover - if they ever can.

As for Pattaya's tourist industry, eventually we will know if the tourist industry really does recover or if Pattaya will be left a city full of white elephants.

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Re: Bar observations

Post by aussie »

There was an excellent Morlum Esarn show at The Venue in Jomtien Complex last night. It may be on again next Monday as there was a very good attendance of farangs and Thais. It was obvious the dancers enjoyed performing their traditional and mostly upbeat music for the whole show and the audience had fun as well. Drinks were Happy Hour price all night which was 100 baht for my Leo beer. The other Jomtien Complex bars were quiet last night and I hope they can survive the next few months or whenever the tourists return.

Last Saturday night I attended the Dragon Man Club and it was packed with customers. Muscle lovers would appreciate the hunks on stage but a couple of twinks in the group would be better for me. There is no smoking of cigarettes allowed anywhere in the building and the air conditioning was very cool. The shows were good and the high energy dancing of the muscle guys was excellent in one set.

At 1.30am I had a break from Dragon Club and had a look in the nearby Tamnan Kon-Esan Club which used to be a regular hangout but only twenty customers in attendance. The Sinlipin Esarn which is much closer to the gay bars is definitely more popular now and busy most nights when I have been there.

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Re: Bar observations

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Excellent review of the Dragon Club. It gets going a little too late in the evening for me but offers what I like.
I’m curious to know if the audience was mostly Asians or if there was a significant percentage of older gay farangs in the house.

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