Pattaya City unveils plans for nine-kilometre monorail

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Re: Pattaya City unveils plans for nine-kilometre monorail

Post by Jun »

Currently one can ride quite a long way on a baht bus for 10 baht -more than the length of the previously published monorail route, although of course the monorail follows a different route.
If the monorail costs up to 45 baht, I presume the locals will mostly carry on using the baht bus, so less reduction in traffic than there could be.

I'd require a reasonable train frequency to use it.

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Re: Pattaya City unveils plans for nine-kilometre monorail

Post by Gaybutton »

Jun wrote:
Sun Jul 19, 2020 3:22 pm
of course the monorail follows a different route.
I'll worry about all that once it's built and operational and see whether it is truly convenient.

There are other options too, such as taking the monorail to one destination. From there taking a baht bus to another destination, and don't forget the motorbike taxis. There is, of course, one other option - walking . . .

I hope after all the construction inconvenience we're bound to go through and waiting several years before it's ready, I hope it at least truly succeeds. I remember Pattaya's other great idea a few years ago - city buses. Anyone seen any of those buses lately . . . ? I hope nothing similar ends up happening with the monorail. I would hate to see it become Pattaya's mobile white elephant.

In my opinion, the best chance of success for it is to eliminate or at least drastically reduce traffic. If convenient parking is available and high speed rail traffic from Bangkok to Pattaya, which makes stops at a monorail station - and if there are enough monorail cars frequently enough, it could prove to be an effective way of dealing with all the weekend and holiday traffic that clogs the roads with people coming from Bangkok. Almost every time, instead of having an enjoyable time in Pattaya, thousands of people end up stuck in traffic jams for hours, sometimes the entire day. And then, once they actually make it into Pattaya, they can't find anywhere to park. I hope the decision makers with the monorail are taking that into consideration and coming up with sensible plans to deal with it. For people coming in from Bangkok, it might be more expensive to drive cars considering road tolls and fuel usage.

I believe the monorail has the potential to effectively deal with many of Pattaya's traffic problems if it is well thought through and planned well enough. Let's just hope the monorail doesn't break down too often . . .

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Re: Pattaya City unveils plans for nine-kilometre monorail

Post by colmx »

The monorail – the preferred choice from the original options of a ground-based tram and underground subway – would sit 18 meters above street level with tracks supported by steel-reinforced concrete pillars 1.8 meters wide, requiring minimal land underneath.
18 Meters is the height of a 5-6 story building and must be at least 4 times the height of the KL monorail, the reported height has to be some sort of mistake (maybe they meant 18 feet?)

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