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Re: Learning Thai

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Trongpai wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:32 pm
The mix between bright young language students from other countries and retired expats sometimes did not work out well. Many an ol'fellas were left in the dust of humiliation and failure.

Actually, I don't recommend UTL unless you are really serious about class room learning and have the aptitude and fortitude for a disciplined learning of a language. The fortitude part gets hard when you get up in years.
Good to hear the contrary view. Personally, I liked the daily commute, but definitely something to take into account. And I really enjoyed the mix of ages and especially the mix of backgrounds of the students. We had missionaries, NGO people, expat salarymen, layabouts like myself, etc. There was almost always a chance or two or three to get together and socialize in the evening. Once I was blessed with taking the class with a stunning and very flirty guy from S. Korea. [sigh]

I certainly never felt embarrassed or humiliated. I think on of the great things about getting older is you no longer have to give enough of a shit about anything to be embarrassed. Go ahead and dance if you feel like it without worrying about how you look :). In language classes everyone is in the same boat. In my various classes the "worst" students were never the olds. It is really essential to leave embarrassment outside the classroom and just try to have fun learning. It's a classic "safe space." But this could certainly be something that's easier for me than others. (I would probably have more anxiety if I had hired a one-on-one tutor.)

I think now that Immigration tightened up the ED visa rules, and now the school has to certify attendance and satisfactory completion, there might possibly be fewer dropouts.

In Bangkok the other big language school is AUA, which I believe also has a school in Pattaya. But of course it would suffer from all of the same negatives.

Personally, and strictly for me, the extra discipline and organization that the classroom setting gave was really helpful. I think it helped from the start and I never would have learned writing and reading watching YouTube videos. Private tutors are available, but they're more expensive. And sometimes - at least for me - it was nice being with a group of people who were all learning together.

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Re: Learning Thai

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I calculated that if I had started learning one Thai word per day since I moved here, I would now have a vocabulary of about 7,400 words. Sadly I didn't. My regrets.

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Re: Learning Thai

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I officially started my Thai language course one week ago and have already learned a few new words and phrases. I'd like to tell you what they are but can't remember.

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Re: Learning Thai

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bkkian: do not just learn single words-fruitless. Learn a few basic sentences and hen add variety to it. In fact Thai language does not have that many words, exact translation of words that seem so long breaks them down into shorter elements.
Every island is a KOH something
About every vegetable is a PAK something
About every machine is a Kruang something (to fly=airplane)
Everything on the road is a ROT (=carriage) something: with fire=train (yes, as old as steam), with mail=mae= a bus.
Then you suddenly know 200 words for free as extra.

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Re: Learning Thai

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Dec2010 to Feb2011 I spent 3 months studying Thai. Details were posted here:

https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/472455 ... ess-story/

https://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthre ... cess-story

Some day I will publish my experiences in an article titled
"Acceleration of Foreign Language Acquisition by Intercourse with Native Speakers in their Home Country".

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Re: Learning Thai

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I've learnt a few words and expressions through such intercourse.

"See-ow maak," "cha cha noi" and "ja set lao" come to mind.

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Re: Learning Thai

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My method of learning is simple. I listen. Then I practice talking with Thais. It doesn't take long to build up not only a vocabulary, but the way they say things. Sentence structure. For example, the adjective almost always comes after the noun. With most words the emphasis is on the last syllable. Knowing that alone is half the battle.

And make sure you get the tones right. For instance the word "mah." Depending on the tone, you're saying dog, horse, or come.

Learning individual words is helpful, but for me the best method is listening, repeating, and figuring out how to put together sentences. And don't be afraid to make mistakes.

In my opinion, the worst method is learning formal Thai. You're hardly ever going to encounter Thais who use formal language. That's not the way Thais speak.

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