Advantages/Disadvantages of Retiring in Chiangmai

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Retiring in Chiangmai

Post by werner99 »

This forum has provided great information about retiring in Thailand.

The discussions of visa issues, health insurance, etc. have been extremely useful as I contemplate whether or not to retire in Thailand.

Most of the retired members of this forum seem to live in Pattaya or Bangkok.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of retiring in Chiangmai?

Is anyone retired in Chiangmai?

[Of course, before I make any decisions about retirement, I will make several long-term trips to Thailand of at least several months. }

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Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Retiring in Chiangmai

Post by pong »

hi, see that no one has answered yet, even though i am not expat tp stay, just a few thoughts.
for 70-80% anywhere in TH, esp the larger gay cities is all the same
what makes the difference upnorth is valid for anyone, not just gays: weather and small-town/village-like atmosfere.
Its far up north, further from equator and far from the sea and the water, so summer is much hotter and winter much colder, no, no frost, but just a few degr celsius late nights around late dec. anyone shivers and dons extra jackets. even though its Thai 2nd big city, it has much of a village like local atmosfere-incl. the gossip etc. anyone knows anyone.
for me, always an eager visitor there till a few yrs ago, the main disadvanatge became clearer: chinese overrun and idiot traffic. Its not bkk, but as town is quite spread out with most things you need for daily life also spread out and there is no reasonable transit systemand mostly not even a way to walk-much worse as ptya.
there always used to be a very well informed responder, I think bonton or so, on either of the other well-known fora and there is also a site dedicated and uptodate with gay life there. Expect a much smaller scene with mostly chaodoi=hilltriberboys, plus some burmese, many of whom seem to have a complete ignorance of what we would like them to do.

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