Reliable Gay Travel Agents for Asia

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Re: Reliable Gay Travel Agents for Asia

Post by Jun »

We share an interest in freelancer bars then. Thank you for posting your findings. I've been to Siem Reap 3 times, but not in the last 4 years, so an update is most welcome.

I did a quick search for gay bars in Siem Reap.
Google maps shows Barcode & Mis Wong).
Travel Gay Asia shows Barcode, Heaven & Dream Boys, Mis Wong & Mezze. appears to be out of date, showing Linga (closed), plus Miss Wong & Barcode.

1 Neither mentioned which bars have freelancers, so if your travel guide steered you in the correct direction for that, he has an advantage on that point.

2 It should be possible to find some of these bars within 5 minutes on google, but I didn's see Two Brothers in my short search.

3 I don't think the gay mapping situation is quite as good as it was 5~10 years ago. Probably because there is no money in it and google maps finds SOME of the gay bars.

So there may be some advantage in having a guide, but anyone who doesn't want to splash out will find some of the locations on google.
Hope that is balanced.

One point for another topic: If the gay community agrees to keep updating google maps, that would be a good free resource. I make some updates to google maps on each trip, but not enough.

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Re: Reliable Gay Travel Agents for Asia

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To me Siem Reap really has only two gay bars Bar Code Bar and Heaven & Dream Boys also known as H&DB which is what the sign outside says in large letters. There are other gay owned or friendly bars and businesses. H&DB is new and is a host bar with massage. The boys say they used to wear numbers but stopped for some reason but all the boys at my table knew their old number. Prices are as follows:
Short Time $30
Long Time $40
Bar Fine. $20
Massage. $15
Massage tip with happy ending $30
Maybe I should write a trip report and put it under a new category. Too much turbulence on this flight to write well.
Great observations Jun.

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