Honest Bee Delivery

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Honest Bee Delivery

Post by thaiworthy »

I used this service for the first time a few weeks ago. An hour after I placed my order they delivered it to my door. Their website delivers 8000 items from Villa Market alone and you get a 100 baht voucher after you sign up and place your first order. They deliver from other groceries as well, but I have only used their services from Villa Market. The concierge fee was a nominal 30 baht and well worth it when you consider all that's involved in making the trip, looking for the items, lugging them home, etc. There were no extra charges. They even accepted my Villa Market club card. The prices are no different than what you'd actually pay at Villa. They also deliver wines. They will shop for you from other stores, such as Wine Connection. A very good value and fast service. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge they only deliver in Bangkok, but it's a very widespread area. Here is their website.


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Re: Honest Bee Delivery

Post by Gaybutton »

thaiworthy wrote:Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge they only deliver in Bangkok
Their FAQ confirms that: "Honestbee currently serves most parts in Bangkok."

You can enter your address or Thai 'Zipcode' at the top of their web site where it says "Enter Address" to check availability in your area,

I entered my address and the following was the result: "We are not in your area just yet."

For Pattaya, there are other grocery delivery services. Usually I prefer to do my own shopping, although it is good to know such delivery services are available in case something happens, such as illness or injury, and you can't get to a grocery store yourself.

Of course, another alternative is to call your favorite Thai boy, give him some money to do the shopping, and then let him do the cooking and cleaning. Many Thai boys love to cook and what they come up with is often surprisingly good.

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Re: Honest Bee Delivery

Post by lvdkeyes »

Lotus has a delivery service. We use it for heavy items like bottled water. It saves the hassle of lugging the bottles up stairs.

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Re: Honest Bee Delivery

Post by MichaelGT »

This is one of my favorite services. They deliver everything from Villa Market as well. Truly, a godsend at times!

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