Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aids

Post by gerefan »

Anyone bought a hearing aid in Pattaya? Any recommendations?

I will only go to a genuine place, as I don't want any cheap imitation copies.

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Re: Hearing Aids

Post by painai2 »

From what I've heard, many things are cheap in Thailand. Hearing aids are not one of them.

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Re: Hearing Aids

Post by Gaybutton »

A Google search revealed: http://en.dmedhearing.com. I don't know anything about them, but they do have a branch in Pattaya.
You can also buy hearing aids directly through hospitals.

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Re: Hearing Aids

Post by 2lz2p »

I am on my second set of hearing aids - both obtained from DMED - they do the hearing test for free AND in August, they often have a promotion with some being up to half off the regular price (they refer to it as the Queen's Birthday month promotion). They have several kinds, the more hi-tech and bells and whistles, the more expensive - but, if you don't want all that, they still should have something at a reasonable price. Both times I obtained hearing aids from them was at a promotional price - first set was about US$3,000 (Widex brand, remote control, & some hi-tech features) - I am fortunate that my US health Insurance covers the purchase of up to two hearing aids, not exceed a specified amount, every three years. Since it was over 3 years when I obtained the second pair - again a substantial portion was covered. The first set were over the ear - moisture got inside and they quit working (after about 2+ years). For my 2nd pair, I opted for the inside the ear - love them, basically invisible, and no moisture problems.

If you go to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to have a hearing test and decide to obtain hearing aids through them, I would suggest you go to DMED instead -- they are the provider for BHP's hearing aids and BHP marks them up from what you would pay DMED direct - also, going to DMED, the hearing test is free. My insurance accepted their Audiologist's medical certificate (she is one of the owners of DMED as I understand it - they do have branches around Thailand and, I believe, are based in Chonburi city) - very nice staff at their Pattaya branch (opposite side of Sukhumvit from Pattaya Orphanage) - I have had my latest set for two years and felt they needed adjustment (my hearing ability, not the hearing aids) - DMED staff gave me another hearing test - pointed out there was some slight change in my hearing and adjusted my hearing aids to compensate - no charge for this service. So, I do highly recommend them if you need hearing aids.

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