Bombs in the USA

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#1 Bombs in the USA

Postby fountainhall » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:54 am

So Trump’s reign of foul rhetoric is coming full circle with suspected bombs against former Presidents, the ‘fake’ news and several other regular targets of Trump’s tongue lashings. Despite these appalling and dreadful acts, in his speech last night he could not even bring himself to utter the names of President Clinton or President Obama, instead referring to them as “senior administration officials.”

Shame on him! Shame on those in his party who will not denounce him for what he is - a childish, petulant, calculating idiot! I except from that group of Republicans Senator Kennedy who gave a fair and very balanced view on CNN this morning. And shame on a democracy that permits incompetents like a Trump to rule over them!

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#2 Re: Bombs in the USA

Postby Pattayamale » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:17 pm

These bombs,or explosive devices have been sent to more than just the former Presidents of the United States. They have also been mailed to donors and supporters of Democratic and liberal candidates.

As we know, Trump has encouraged violence against the media and other people at his rallies and in his tweets. Has this ever happened before?

The US form of democracy is at risk and it seems to me it is becoming just like other countries that imprison their rivals or try to kill them as is done in the Philippines or in the Saudi Arabia case will actually kill them while in their embassies without the United States strongly protesting or doing anything that sends a strong message.

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#3 Re: Bombs in the USA

Postby firecat69 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:18 pm

The world is in crisis and there are not enough average people who realize it. Trump wants to be Emperor . Angela will not run again in Germany. What way will they tilt (likely not in a good way). Brazil just elected a right wing zealot and of course China has fallen into more of , I'm not sure what you call it. Turkey is championed by someone who acts like a Dictator. Phillipines are under a Dictator. Trump and South Korea are falling for the charm offensive from Kim who will never give up his nuclear weapons . Where are the Democracies and their supporters .

It truly is a World in Disarray !!

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