More Trouble for airbnb

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#11 Re: More Trouble for airbnb

Postby GWMinUS » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:12 pm

I feel it is up to the people renting out their Condo to vet the renters.
In the building where I book, the owners ask for specific information.
And I provide it, including stating I will be meeting friends at the Condo.
My friends are required to sign in at the Lobby, And I go down to meet them there.
Of course I am 77yo and responsible.
And while I understand not wanting unruly people staying next door.
I also expect my right to rent without having to appear before the Condo Board...
Take care...

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#12 Re: More Trouble for airbnb

Postby firecat69 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:41 pm

Generally the people here commenting on Airbnb don't know what they are talking about.( Not necessarily addressed to any poster in this thread) When you register as a client on Airbnb you have to provide a copy of your passport and another photo. When you make a reservation you are asked to provide photos of the rest of your party by most owners.

Then usually you communicate numerous times by email in order to arrange meeting for the keys, actual location etc... In 90% of the 50 rentals I have done around the world , it was the owner who met me .

Depending on the owner or the track record of the renter a substantial security deposit may be required on check in with cash. This is rare but it has happened to me a few times.

Airbnb can not be expected to know what problems other owners in the building may have with short term renters. That is building management problem.

If they don't want short term renters they have to take steps to ban the owners from renting their property short term. That is exactly what my building did in Atlanta. And the penalties are severe.

So rather then people complaining about Airbnb they should be complaining to their own Condo Boards.

For me and many of my friends Airbnb has enhanced my travels in so many ways , that I hardly remember what it was like to have to check into Hotels .

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