Figure Skating World Championship

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#1 Figure Skating World Championship

Postby Captain Swing » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:22 am

Since I've become such an expert following the Olympics, I just watched the World Figure Skating Championship from Milan. It was a disaster for everyone except Nathan Chen of the US, who won by a huge margin. My beloved, Shoma Uno, fell three times in his free skate, and seemed destined to finish off the podium. Amazingly the following skaters did even worse--the next guy fell five times, running into the wall twice. The other highly regarded American, Vincent Chou (something like that) had a good shot at winning a medal, but did so poorly he finished 14th. Only Chen, who skated last, finished without falling and actually skated an excellent, though not flawless, program. He finished about 50 points ahead of --YES!--Shoma, who won silver, as he had done last year and at the Olympics. Yuzuru Hanyu, who is better than all of them, wasn't there. I think he's still trying to fully heal his injured ankle, which makes his gold medal performance at the Olympics all the more impressive.

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#2 Re: Figure Skating World Championship

Postby fountainhall » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:22 am

Thanks to the almost non-existent coverage of minority sports on True Visions (and in the Thai English media), I had no idea these World Championships were happening. I'll try YouTube for some excerpts. Thanks for the heads-up. Hope Hanyu has indeed fully recovered.

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