Great Olympic Skating: Shame on True Visions

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#21 Re: Great Olympic Skating: Shame on True Visions

Postby Up2u » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:34 pm

"2,673 pages and includes a discussion on his butt...." (photo above).. How would you like to spread those cheeks?

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#22 Re: Great Olympic Skating: Shame on True Visions

Postby Smiles » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:00 am

. . . and there's my take on my acute every-four-years dilemma on whether I should finally put myself on the ice rink and show those twerps what a real Canadian skater can do ... "At My Age".

Cheers ... ( and just one more reason why I love living in Thailand )


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#23 Re: Great Olympic Skating: Shame on True Visions

Postby fountainhall » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:30 am

The Winter Olympics are over but I happened upon this lovely video of casual clips of Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Hernandez. It shows them fooling around and generally enjoying themselves when not in competition. You can tell from their actions and body language that the two guys are very close. The taps on Hanyu's thigh at 1'.48", the little elbow nudges by Hanyu at 2'.19" and the length of the hugs at 3'.01" seem to indicate something closer. Both are trained in Toronto by gay former skater Brian Orser. For a time it gave rise to rumours that there was an affair between the two youngsters. But Hernandez has a girlfriend and it seems Hanyu is just a playful guy. But there are still millions around the world hoping he might come out as gay eventually!

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#24 Re: Great Olympic Skating: Shame on True Visions

Postby Captain Kirk » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:15 pm

fountainhall wrote:
Up2u wrote:Nathan has a ballet background, wonder what he looked like in tights :D .

Like most ballet dancers - other than Nureyev who was noted for his well-endowed and well-used bulge - Nathan Chen probably won't show much. :o

I've tried to find photos of him in white tights but like most men's skaters he always seems to wear black. I suppose there could be a reason, but somehow I doubt it! :o I always thought he was taller than Hanyu, but this photo of the Medal winners from another competition shows he is a good 5 cms smaller.

Hanyu/Chen/Uno - Photo:

Guy on the right would be most my type.
The only interest I've had with the winter olympics is having a giggle at the record of UK speed skater Elise Christie who now has a record over two olympics and six events of: disq - disq - disq - fell - fell - disq. Sooooo British.

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