Blair's Mea Culpas Keep Coming

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#1 Blair's Mea Culpas Keep Coming

Postby fountainhall » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:24 pm

After his "near" apology for his part in following George Bush into the sands of Iraq, Blair in a new book about his ineffectiveness as the "Quartet's" man in the Middle East now accepts blame for again hanging on to Bush's coat tails by caving in to the Israeli lobby and refusing to recognize Hamas after it won the 2006 Palestinian elections.

As prime minister at the time, Blair offered strong support for the decision – driven by the George W Bush White House – to halt aid to, and cut off relations with, the newly elected Hamas-led Palestinian Authority unless it agreed to recognise Israel, renounce violence and abide by previous agreements between its Fatah predecessors and Israel. The ultimatum was rejected by Hamas. The elections were judged free and fair by international monitors.

Blair, who became envoy of the Middle East quartet – composed of the US, EU, UN and Russia – after leaving Downing Street, now says the international community should have tried to “pull Hamas into a dialogue”. The boycott and Israel’s economic blockade of Gaza, which began the following year, are still in force today. A UN report two years ago said the combined effects of the blockade and the three military offensives conducted in Gaza by Israel since 2009 could make the territory “uninhabitable” by 2020. Humanitarian conditions have worsened markedly since the report was written.

Critics add "the international block on official contacts with Hamas has eroded western leverage in the region, increased the isolation and suffering of the Gaza public, and helped to drive the faction into the arms of Iran – all without dislodging it from its dominance of Gaza"

Blair failed as Prime Minister and has shown himself useless in the Middle East envoy post. All he has succeeded in doing in recent years is enrich himself vastly through his former Prime Ministerial contacts, What will be the "next "mea culpa" I wonder? Blaming himself for Princess Diana's death?? ... cott-wrong

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