New MH370 Debris Photo - Questions

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#1 New MH370 Debris Photo - Questions

Postby fountainhall » Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:50 am

Australia has released satellite images it says show 12 “probably man-made” objects floating in the sea near the suspected crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Taken two weeks after MH370 disappeared on 8 March 2014, the photos were analysed by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). Its researchers used drift modelling of the debris to suggest a new potential location for the crash site — a 5,000 sq km (1930 sq miles) area just north of the former search zone . . . the tantalising new information will reignite pressure to locate the passenger plane that vanished with 239 people aboard, one of aviation’s greatest mysteries. ... earch-area

This information was obtained by French military satellites and analysed by the Australians almost 3 1/2 years ago. Yet in none of the news media reporting this fact have I found any that asks the first questions I'd have thought any rational person would have posed: Why wait all that time to release it - and why spend years searching in the area immediately below this site but not the site itself?

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